Milestone: My First Peer To Peer Trade On Steemit :)

in milestone •  2 months ago 

A few days ago I saw @mcoinz79 post looking for someone to trade STEEM for Fiat with anyoene who was willing to give it shot -

I thought it sounded like a fun little experiment since I've never done a trustless peer to peer trade over the internet and well I do have faith in steemians to be above board.


I'd never done a peer to peer trade before, I have sent cryptocurrency to loved ones in other countries before but well you know the person and you not expecting anything in return so this was a bit of a change for me.

I can't say I was really nervous, I was more amped just to see if it would all work out and I was willing to wager 100 steem on it.

We agreed on $55 for a 100 STEEM


  • True to his word I got my deposit in my PayPal account (Received the email today)
  • And sent him the 100 STEEM (a few minutes later)

Done and dusted

What makes this so crazy to me is well we don't know each other, we meet online in a post and a few messages later we're exchanging value over the net and his all the way over in the US while I am in South Africa.

It just goes to show you that people on the internet can be true to their word and its not all about scamming a quick buck. It really restores a little bit of my faith in humanity and shows the power of cryptocurrency and the culture we're aiming to create along wit it.

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Have you ever done a peer to peer transfer? Was it with someone you knew or a stranger? What did the two of you exchange?

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Glad it worked out fine :)

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Lol me too! Steemians are a pretty trustworthy bunch it seems! :)

yeah, i think you're lucky lol, the sceptic in me just couldn't ... I happily give away 10 - 20 steem at a time, as donations or "loans" and don't expect them back.

On Steemit, if I did it, it would be with someone who I've known a while I'm very wary - however - happy to hear your experience went well


Lol, It's only naturally South African to be sceptic :P. I just thought of it as a fun experiment, I've lost plenty in crypto before whats 100 steem for a lesson learned. I paid more than that for an education I don't use? Hello does anyone know when I get to use trigonometry?

Pretty sure there are plenty of scammers on steemit too, I guess I am pretty lucky, but I like to live dangerouslly at times

Thank you! I felt confident because of your steem reputation and your vested steem power. I hope we can do this again!

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Lol I too checked out your profile like Facebooking an ex before thinking hey he seems legit lets do this!

Nice! Trust is good-but I want a kind of smartcontract-service in future when both parts lock the money in Contact before payout. That should be nice

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That would be a really cool idea instead of blocktrades we could have like peertrades and allow users to make up their own agreements and requirements! Would be much safer for sure

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