Milestones - small celebrations along the way - Part 1

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I've decided to start yet another series that it's a bit more contemplative and looks at the journey so far and what lies ahead. It's not about feeling important rather it's about enjoying the moment and taking a few minutes to look around and see where life has taken me so far.

This time it's about enjoying my activity on the steem blockchain which in past 4 months since I made my account has been an interesting and thought provoking experience. And in this time, through commentating and posting I've reached the round number of 1000 "posts".

I feel this number represents my contribution to this platform and all the awesome interactions I've had with the supportive and interesting people I found here.
I hope in a year's time I'll celebrate another milestone and look back to this post and say : " Look how many great things have happened since I wrote that post a year ago"

Hope you will stick around to see what happens throughout this journey.

Take care,

My name is Adrian a.k.a "The nearsighted traveler". I'm a running enthusiast who loves spending time enjoying nature. I write mostly about running, the places I explore and the interesting stuff I learn here on steemit.
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And if you want a good laugh you can visit my other account @cmmemes where I fail at being funny but persevere anyway :)

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Are you on by the way? There are communities on there and discord as well. And thanks for using the platform for some time already, hope it has been useful!


I've heard of before but haven't tried it so far, I'll check it out when I have the time. This platform, although hard to get to grips with it at first, has been the best thing that has happened in the past few years. Although many would consider I have an awesome career in the medical field, I've been struggling with stress and other problems. The medical system in Romania is bad and is getting worse year after year. Steemit has been something to look forward after work that doesn't involve stress and it ignited a dream that I didn't even dare to dream before: financial freedom through blogging. So it has been awesome so far thanks to people like you and others who have been very supportive and whom I can't thank enough.