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The streets were deathly still. The wind did not blow; footsteps did not go pitter-patter upon the slippery slopes. Just silence. Deathly silence.

The Revolution had just ended and due to hyperinflation, the Steem dollar had become nearly worthless in value.

Abandoned storefronts – bakeries, photography studios, travel agencies – were littered all across Steemisphere. Hardfork 20 had caused many to flee, scarred by the prospect of poverty, never to return again.

In ragged clothes, I walked along a back alley. I was aimlessly drifting, with a fistful of Steem dollars in my left hand. Where do I go next?

I had no clue. Despair and loneliness threatened to swallow me whole. I had left all to come to Steemisphere, touted as the epicenter of the 21st century Californian Gold Rush. I still remembered how my brother stared me straight in the eye and said, “Don’t go down this path - the Steemisphere is set up for failure. Just look at Ned’s track record.”

But went down this path I did, not looking back.


So I wondered as I wandered, for days on end, a wonder and a wanderer.

Til finally, I reached a mansion at the end of one street. Through the window, I could see the soft glow of the fireplace fire, where a huge family was warming themselves.

The main door opened and I jumped. “Would you like to come in?” asked a confident looking lady holding a wine glass in her hand, whom I suspected was the matron of this mansion.

“Su-sure, if there’s space.”

“As long as you add value to this space, we’d be glad to have you.” She extended her right arm in a welcome handshake. “I’m Jaynie, and we are the PowerHouseCreatives."

And I stayed this mansion of a home in the Steemisphere with @jaynie, @zord189 and the rest ever since.

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I'd previously written an essay listing the rational reasons why you should support the PowerHouseCreatives, which you can find here.

This time I was reading one of the community posts here and remembered how difficult the times were before I joined PowerHouseCreatives.

Being a writer, I decided to turn my experience into a microfiction piece to demonstrate how seriously I and my other PowerHouseCreatives comrades take creating evergreen, high-value content for Steemit.

So if you've liked what you read, and wish to support PowerHouseCreatives in the race for 20K SP Delegation, VOTE HERE!!

Thank you - each and every one of you - for your support and love! ❤️

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HF20 didn't cause many to flee but kicked them out of here by force hahah :D I like your writing style btw..making stuff pompese-like :) Anyway, go vote people ;)


@matkodurko Hahaha yeahh... kicked them in the shins ):

Hahaha pompese? XD But thank you for the encouragement (:

This so fun to read, thanks for making the polling post looks more fun than usual @joeylim!


@roselifecoach aww, you're most welcome!! (:

Some day before, I was wandering around the cold rocky mountains with nothing but a thick book and fingers that taps thoughts into words. Looking into the far land, everything was pale, except for that soft glow coming from that fire...

"Seems really warm..."

Flipping open the book, I landed my fingers on it and immediately an empty page was filled with things about myself. "That would do," I tore the page out and made a paper plane out of it. It flew towards that fireplace like a bird...

...and we know what's next ;)

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@lilacse I loved the description of

tapping thoughts into words!

Sometimes, we can even tap thoughts into action <3

I think this is my favorite support post so far! Bravo on such a creative and touching piece! You know my support is already there, and it continues to be reinforced by the fantastic community I am proud to be a part of!


@plantstoplanks Aww thanks, and thank YOU for being such a postive and encouraging PHC-er too! Much love <3

Nice lighthearted insight into why to vote for @steemitbloggers totally agree with you on many aspects you mention @joeylim

#powerhousecreatives all the way!


@joanstewart Hehe yes! Especially the part about @jaynie's greeting XD I added that in for the humorous touch.


It is a great community, lots of humour found in chats, look forward to seeing future posts.

You've got a good writing style


Thanks so much @wales (: really like yours too!

Always love to read your piece of writing. Delightful yet capturing. Vote we must for PHC., 💪😊


@iamjadeline THANKS! lots of hugs <3

I don't have much experience since before HF20. Except that what then looked average or small now looks enormous.

But gaining all that knowledge on the house... Worth it.


@manoldonchev Indeed, very true! ((:

Very creative. I've already cast my vote for #steemitbloggers. I encourage everyone else to do so, as well.


@blockurator Yes let's all continue to press on in this race! ((: