Mhealthcoin Advance Project for Health

Mhealthcoin Platform builds an ecosystem that user get benefits from maintaining a healthy body in addition to being healthy. Its mobile application connected with the smart wearable devices, collect health information to claim token award from their token store. User can claim reward from their partners using the token. The ecosystem also forms a positive feedback loop on being healthy using state of the art technology stack.

 The user’s information will be securely stored on blockchain for AI analysis. Data analyzed by AI user which is provided to each user personalized advice on being healthy, it also finds out the suitable product and services form their partner companies for targeted marketing. There is a chatbot to answer health related questions from user and provide personal advice. 

Technical description of Mhealthcoin :

The Mhealthcoin is a blockchain platform based on health data keeping and analysis platform, when member do exercise and follow healthy habit, the health data will be captured by our mobile app and smartwearable and encrypted and submit to blockchain. User will have his own chain for keeping health and account information, new coins will be generated as health and information grows.

Mhealthcoin Project Overview:

The comprehensive mhealthcoin is a blockchain based health knowledge storage and analysis platform. As member exercise and health habits, their knowledge of health may be captured by our mobile application, displayed, encrypted and sent to the blockchain. User can have their own chain to take care of health information grows larger new coin will be generated. The blocklchain will supports the next blockchain at the proof of stake.

Project Mission:

Every one around the world should keep in mind their own health, however in fact the majority do not try to prevent stages, but until they become ill, seriously ill, abnormal, or various types’ illness, you should have a health scenario in mind. Our mission is to create a platform with a large amount of knowledge that each user have gathering to understand their health status in order to elicit incentives by improving their health it is. 


• Mhealthcoinworld class devices have the ability to connect to home appliances at home.

• Its devices consist of various types of workout. 

• This is a structure that allows user to achieve their goals while looking fit and stay healthy.

• Also you can use digital learning system that helps your user to stay healthy. 

Token Information:

It is a valuable token introduced by Mhealthcoinplatform which will be available on all top notches trading platform. This token is built on smart contracts ethereum and will support the smooth running of the brilliant platform.

Mhealthcoin is a creating a smart lifestyle on the internet of things. Its plan is to build a reliable and reliable ecosystem that will have the maximum benefit for user to have a healthy body and its works for the betterment of every human life with an easy way.

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