Uber shove for drive yourself cars after loosing $900 millions

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Uber is facing some inner turmoil and restructuration after facing massive losses. The company’s Advanced Technologies Group division focuses on autonomous vehicles and self-driving technology. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi remains undecided on whether or not to shut down the ATG division, which reportedly burns through $100-$200 million per yea

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Uber's ATG division remains the focal point of consistent contention inside the organization. Since Uber assumes a misfortune with each ride because of driver payout, many contend that computerized driving innovations are the way to the organization's future, particularly as adversary ride-sharing administrations and car producers race to make the world's first suitable driverless autos. Supporters contend that by moving far from a driver-based model, Uber can check misfortunes and make a significantly higher overall revenue, which is particularly imperative now as the organization intends to open up to the world in 2019.

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Uber's intends to console stressed financial specialists haven't gone swimmingly, nonetheless. In March of this current year, a self-driving Uber test auto struck and slaughtered 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona. In spite of the fact that there was a Uber security driver exhibit, they neglected to keep the crash in time. This came minor days after a Uber administration summit that left the higher-ups guaranteed that self-driving advances were the eventual fate of the organization. Awful press and corporate hesitation made a significant number of Uber's best designers escape to different organizations.

In any case, Uber is certain about their capacity to stay aware of the opposition. In an announcement, the organization stated
"At this moment the whole group is centered around securely and mindfully coming back to the street in self-sufficient mode. That is our No. 1 target, and we have each trust in the work they are doing to get us there.
Independent driving tests have started again in select U.S. urban communities. Furthermore, Uber has collaborated with automobile makers to permit out their self-driving advances for use in their vehicles. Uber's part in the inescapable progress to driverless vehicles stays to be seen, however their part has been rough up to this point.

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