By 2050 what among this can happen according to you

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So predicting what will happen in future is very difficult because unanticipated events can always change the future rather than what we had thought what would happen. But we are free to make guesses.

So what among these can happen according to you by 2050?

1) Flying cars
2) World war 3
3) Crypto Currency being used worldwide
4) Dollar Collapse
5) Hyperloop
6) Apple losing its value in mobile phones.
7) No more newspapers.
8) Aliens on Earth
9) NWO (New World Order) and Illuminati ruling the world.
10) Google search no longer the first choice.
11) Robots and AI bots in every house.

Leave your comment what you think can happen

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thank you and will keep supporting you to

point no.3 :)

Point no 3 is bound to happen. :)

Great work bro @rejeshun1234 i hope u keep supporting us

Jo ye such hoga to duniya space se bhi piche nahi hate gi

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