5 reasons to show that our world is not real

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We must have thought of it sometime that our universe is so amazing and how this wonderful universe will be created. Scientists believe that all this started with one point, which released particles and energy from inside as a very big explosion, which we know as Big Bang.
But what if I tell you that the beautiful world we are living in is not real, is it Earth, our Galaxy, and the whole Universe is not real? In fact, the world we considered real till today, we will raise a question on the fact that it is real. Actually it's just a computer simulation that has been created by a very advanced civilization and we are just a program written in a computer simulation. Today we will talk about 5 reasons which will force us to think that this is our world, or is a computer program?
In the first case of Simulation Hypothesis, in 2003, a philosopher Bostron placed it in front of everyone, named simulation argument.Computer simulation is a program or computer software in which we can make a world through code that seems absolutely real. You will have ever played such a video game in which you can do whatever you want, you can kill it, it is called Real Simulation World.
In it, we can put all the rules that are in an actual world such as Gravity or the inside of the game, not being able to cross the curator, it looks like a real world.All this has been to be with an extremely advanced technology.
Now we talk about 5 reasons which will force us to think that this is our world is real or a computer simulation program?

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Parallel Universe Conspiracy, many of you know about it, there are some evidence of parallel Universe in quantum mechanics. Too many sources think that this is true, but for the sake of that, the Parallel Universe theory is a waste of theory.If we find out how space time works or what happens after 3D, then we can prove it is something like parallel universe.But according to simulation theory the parallel universe is a series of simulations that are moving simultaneously on one another.To handle such a large graphical work, simulations are launched at different times so that the computer on which this simulation is running should not be pressed.That's why it is possible that in this world of simulation, you are an engineer in a program or in a program you are a businessman.

4.Time travel simulations
On the basis of the hypothesis, the civilization that is simulating us is very advanced to us but may be in greater danger than us.It may be almost endless due to reasons such as global warming, astroidal attack or dangerous AI, that is, artificial intelligence.If we believe that human being is running this simulation, it may be that we are projection of that itself, that it wants to take the life of our life in some other form or before that time, where we are, we want to take the experience of living there. If life is difficult to live in the future then it may be that the life that they can not live in that real world, they want to live in this digital world.

3.Earth,s conspicuous condition
Have you ever sat down and thought that everything is so perfect for life on our earth or it has been designed so that life can be easily spent here.Earth is about 150 million kilometers away from the sun,which is a perfect distance from which we get a proper temperature.Our sun is neither a drawn star nor a red giant, therefore it provides us with the right amount of light and heat. Revolving the earth around the sun so that it is sometimes far away from the sun, that's why the earth's temperature are maintained, it is a programmed.
According to one theory, we could not have been programmed by any person, but it is possible that there should not be a planet like the planet, and another civilization, in reality, wants to see people living in such a way that they can survive in such a way.

2.Limitations of reality
We all know that light of speed is 300000 km per second and no item can faster than the light of speed,and no matter how fast the light can not be faster than the speed of the light, the scientist does not even have the answer. Some people would say that the light does not have the mass of the photon, because of this there is also no inertia on it, and this is the reason that there is no thing faster than light of speed because everything else have mass.But many scientist has refused to tell this fact its true cause and there are so many rules that are bound in our world with a limit. If all this is inside the simulation, then this limitation may be due to the device in which this simulation is running.That is, it can not handle the speed of light with the speed of things, that is why it made this limited.

1.The Fermi paradox
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In 1950, a physicist Ernico Fermi argued that there are billions of stars in our universe and there are trillions planets to revolve around them so why have not we approached people of any other world?Which of these trillions of Planets is not a species on any planet, which is advancing from us and has found the technology to come into the other world, if so, why have not they contacted us yet?
According to the simulation theory, the system in which our earth simulate is only for humans And if going deeper than this, then the other civilization would be present on their own planets, they have their own separate device and they have been programmed so that they feel that they are alone in the universe.
To be continue....
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