Is ours country fighting with water ???How to conservation of water for our future Generations.....

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Now a day most of important s how to conserve our water for future drinking..........
In world's,we often face water scarcity.The ground water level goes down in the summer seasons.As a result, during summer the municipal/corporation water supply is restricted,ours Wells and hands pumps become dry.

Such frequent situation of water crisis's have forrced environment biologist to seek various means of water conservation.
Some way to pulluted out water

For avoiding misuse and wastage of portable water:
🥇 Adoption of various Flood control methods.
🥈To avoid wastage and misuse of water ,there is an urgent need of awareness program through public and private agencies
🥉To avoid water is wasted by leaking taps and excessive irrigation of crops fields...

This way we all the people we can prevent water for ours future life..
How did you say about this matter??????????
How to prevent our natural resources for future life..
Pls say about any thing by replying......and suggested

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Say how can we save water.....