What is Your Upvote Worth? How To Know Your Upvote Worth Using Upvote calculator

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You must know what is your upvote worth or if you want to know someone's upvote worth you can find easily using upvote calculator.


Why you should know Your upvote worth

when you want to upvote someone with some voting power you should know as well how much your vote worth $0.1, $0.2, $1 etc, So you can decide how much curation reward you want to recive and how much author reward you want to give.

How To Use Upvote Calculator

Put your steem power in the steem power blank


Put voting power you want to use


Put voting weight you want to use


Click on calculate


Watch your upvote worth


If you change steem power


If you change voting power


If you change voting weight


If you change All


Please resteem if you found it useful

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@iftikharali nice post..Thanks for informing us about voting power calculation..Keep growing up....

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