Writers Block? 20 Cool Ideas for Your Next Steemit Post

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It’s not always easy to find new stuff to write about 2 mins free kick for an hour or so 2zzz off with a hamstring . I brainstormed on some post ideas and I came up with 20. Feel free to use as many as you'd like.

Pick one Steemit member that you like or admire, tell the community about him/her. Fill us in on why you follow this person and what stands out about him/her.

I challenge you to finish this sentence in a headline: “My Biggest Regret in Life Is ___________”

Create a monthly or weekly event on your Steemit account. “Steve’s Weekly Top 15 Spoitfy Songs” and commit to it. It has to be something you are interested in though.
This will give the right people a reason to follow you.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in life? Tell Steemit how you did it! We want to learn!

Interview a friend, family member or someone that’s important to your community. I interviewed my grandmother about her life.

List all the countries you have visited in alphabetical order and describe the country with one or two words.

Make the A – Z about yourself.

Fun facts about yourself and 10 things no one knows about you.

Write a post that is a response to someone else’s Steemit post. You can do this if you agree or disagree with the post, but you have to back up your opinions with real arguments.

Have you read a book or seen a movie lately? Write a summary of it and add your own opinions of it.

List your favorite quotes or sayings. Explain why they are your favorites.

List your five favorite songs and embed the Youtube music videos in your post.

Pick one of your previous vacations, share some pictures and write about what you did there and maybe list the positive and negative things about the place.

Select five random pictures from your phone and share some information about it.

Make a list of your favorite TV shows and add a fun fact about it. Write why you love them and what audience you think would like it.

Everyone has skills. Share yours by making a tutorial on how to do it or just simply share what you have made/done.

What is unique about you? Write a post about that!

We all have some embarrassing or weird pictures from our childhood. Find some of them and tells us what you know about it.

Make a post where you take pictures and document a normal day of your life. We all lead very different lives and it’s always fun to see what others are doing with their 24 hours.

Share the story of why you joined Steemit. Has it met your expectations?

Another advice for you:
I have a note that's called "Steemit ideas" on my phone. Every time an idea crosses my mind, I write it down. I now have over 30 ideas ready to go.

Good luck!skriveide.pnghttps://steemit.com/writing/@susanne/writers-block-here-s-20-cool-ideas-for-steemit-posts

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Lots of tips learn from your blog.thank you sir.