Bitcoin legal in India on 3rd July ?

in #mgsc4 years ago

Indian Central Bank RBI gave notice in April that no Indian bank can deal with any cryptocurrency exchanges.

RBI instructed to all banks that all transactions will be closed by July 6th. That decision against Some Indian cryptocurrency exchange files the case against RBI to the High Court of the different states and Supreme Court.

But the Supreme Court said in the first two days that all the cases should be transferred from the High Court to the Supreme Court and the third hearing date was fixed on 20th July, but according to the notification, RBI gave the last date of transaction is 6th July.

According to the RBI notification the last date is July 6 and the Supreme Court's third hearing date on July 20th. Thats why a petition submitting to the Supreme Court, due to the gap around 14 days. This is a few days that the investor will get in trouble.

So, considering the Supreme Court for Investors, their third hearing date was forwarded on 3rd July.

We are waiting for 3rd July what is happaning of bitcoin future in india.


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