That much fast increasing population in all over the wold , Are we going towards the well balance ecosystem

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This very serious matter and all nations should be think about that because we are not going towards well ecosystem,
I am saying that because before 100 years ago number of living human were approx one billion but now approx seven billion we at very fast speed now it differnent thing that we are not that realize but after some year we will be start feeling ,now at this time we some nations are feeling this problem . I am saying the reality out of 200 nations big number of nations do't have pure water to drink , home to leave and food to eat in regular way so now we have time we should get understand this problem with time.
I am not saying that wold's nations are not warried about I know any nation of the world are doing the policy changes and making family planning welfare but after these all these things we feeling little bit impact of these efforts now below I am expaining the rate of growth of population in century by the graph I also find it other webside but it data , we should know this data to get aware it.

I think problem is that not population is increasing but we are not 100% fulfill current pupation needy thins then how

Top ten fastest growing country by population Growth rate in 2017

  1. Oman Population rate of grwoth 61.06%
  2. Lebanon             Population rate of growth   39.21%
  3. Kuwait                 Population rate of growth   34.00%
  4. Qatar                    Population rate of growth   32.43%
  5. Niger                     Population rate of growth   32.36%
  6. Sauth Sudan     Population rate of growth    30.23%
  7. Barundi                 Population rate of growth   26.16%
  8. Uganda                 Population rate of growth   25.65%
  9. Iraq                        Population rate of growth    25.22%
  10. Angola Population rate of growth 20.39%

This was important data and it was the general way not was that much deepest but this indication where are growing or developing , here in this topic lot's analyst are saying same thing some natural disaster are going due to some imbalance in our ecosystem.
We all know China has largest population in this wold and China did very well work before some year ago that was one couples should have only one child.
And India also give a slogen which is in hind HUM DO HAMARE DO and all other also doing same work
so friends that was small blog for population
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What is the population of India?

approx 130 crore

bhai india ka number kitna he...?batana....jarur comment me @bahadur35555

India will cross China by 2018 if it does controls it's population

2018 is already running on. How can you say by 2018 india will leave china behind. Incorrect information.

World population gonna explode one day.... But it will be too late untill human will realize it

we have to control over population first it will definitely helpful for being balanced country

Good article on population .

This population and pollution is most big issue.

Still India strated to control on it.

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