What you do. If someone special ignored you.

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Hello Steemit Family.
I am back again with the interesting topic.
I hope you like the topic.
What we do. I think this is the worst situation we face ever had. I know most of us you face this problem at least once in your life.
You this feeling can't be express. Sometimes you angry at her/him. Sometimes you feel lonely. Sometimes you concerned about her/him. Sometimes you give her/him some abusive words in your mind. You understand what type of feeling is it.
The worst part was if they can't pick your call. Your tension level was increased. You are totally stuck. Your mind thinks some bad things. You miss her/him a lot.
I don't understand what type of feeling is it.
And According to me to overcome this problem. You spent time with your family. Involved in more and more activities. I think this is the best way to overcome this problem.
I hope you like this post. If you have some suggestion then write in the comment box.
This is signing off by Arjun Gupta.



If you want stay from any topic this is a best way to involve in other things.


Thanks for the information sir😍

welcome man

When I was pursuing my master's I loved a girl. We used to spend time like friends. But one day I told her about my feelings for her. Everything was fine. Then one day she started ignoring me. I can't understand what was the problem. I tried to know what the matter but till now I got no answer. Then I entered the crypto world and I became so busy in it that I forgot everything. Now I have no time to eat, love is far away xoxoxo.

nice man

open upvote equals 12 cents, not bad. I get 4 cents for the entire blog haha

it's very bad time for you, parents and friend help you

absolutly right

This is Really a trouble.


this is very tough question.but i think i am waiting to see how much he/she can ignore me. after certain time he/she don't ignore me and must accept me i belive .


Time is the best healer. Give her some time and things will come around. Love is when other person's happiness is more important than your own. Keep up the good work buddy! 😉


@arjung216 this is a very tough question to answer. Heheh..


You should look for someone who really cares about you...

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