Tata Nano Production Could Be Closed

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Yes you heard it right, Tata motors could soon close the production of their small car nano
according to the reports, only one car was produced in the month of june
whereas in the year 2017 only 275 cars were produced
the company said that they are still continuing the production for to the demand of some special market customers .
remember when the car was launched in 2008 to be an 'AAM AADMI CAR' but now its production could no longer be continued.

So i want to know your opinions about it, How many of you stil love the car.


I like this car, because it's practical when you're searching for a layby. ;-)

for sure , it can be a good car if you are searching for your first ever car driving experience and for some it is fun too

This car was one of the best invention for the middle-class family

yes and it surely created a history in the indian car market and some middle class family fullfil their dream to have their first ever car

when it was launched its was knows as cute budget car and seen everywhere , the special thing about this car was its compact design and the lowest prize, i will miss tata nano on streets :) nice article mr.
#akash1singh we can work and grow together :)

yes for sure my brother we can grow together , i have followed you and you can follow me back and thanks for the compliment

yaa i'm following you

its very unsafe vehicle. i think threewheeler is better than this

yes there is no doubt in it because this car is made keeping a low price point in mind so there is some sacrifice to be made

ohh sacrifices life😁😁

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