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As we are waiting for ETF approval . I know many of them holding your bitcoin from last 7 months some of you purchase bitcoin on 19000$ and they are worried about their money . If you are crypt holder then hopefully you are waitng for ETF approval .

But soon the bad news will come that ETF will not approved . Yes its true soon ETF will rejected there are many reasons behind it

  1. Crypto is risky
  2. GURANTEES are not quite enough
  3. Wales want to manuplate mrket before december
    But dont worry btc will soon touch 9000$ in month of august as btc was already complete of 10% correction and will never goes to less than 7500$. So if ETF will not approved it doesnot matter btc definietly touch 25000$ in december 2018 .
    CRUX :
    Remember one thing that i am not giving you any breaking news just tell you the upcoming reality. May be it will approve but chances are low .We have to hold btc till december 2018 so we will triple our money without ETF approved

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