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As we see now the coinmarket cap which shows btc price 6566$. Yes its a slap on those youtubers that always says in their videos that btc will not cross the support level of 6800$ from last 15 days. They also saying that btc will not touch even 7000$ again when the btc was above then 8000$. But they all are proved wrong

Now come to the signal providers they also said the same thing . But they are more fool because they provide signals of alts coin from last 20days . Now all altcoins are more then 50% down.So the best time is to buy now not before . All signal providers dont care about people money.They just open telegram channel or whatsapp group and then they started providing signal .On a average they provide three signals in which two of them are wrong.

Actually the signals providers play a game with you they just show other peoples only that signal prove that are successfull.And when the people joined group and pay large amount of fees then after they will have to beared a loss. So stop following these types of signal providers


1. Stop following those youtubers who dont know technical analysis
2.Follow only those youtubers that are trusted and reliable
3.Dont pay any fees to signal providers that dont know the technical analysis
4. Only follow trusted signal providers which know the advance level of trading and have ability to know the potential of coin