Are you safe in Mexico??? - Just had to share this 😉

in #mexico • 6 years ago

With all of the recent fake news stories aimed at scaring away American tourists from Cancun i present you the "are you safe" challenge......


I have nothing left to say other than ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!! 😁



Ha! This is perfect, @donnaincancun and hilarious as well. I remember Very clearly when the attacks on 'American Tourist Dollars Being Spent In Mexico' began, back in 2009. It also very coincidentally coincided with the Swine Flu that supposedly originated in Mexico. It was insane! Do you remember?? Planes bound for Cancun were literally being turned around in the sky and being sent back home. Even more crazy because even if the Swine Flu had originated in Mexico (which it didn't) most North Americans and Europeans would have been much safer in Cancun because that particular virus didn't fare well in the heat.

But all that BS, in addition to the crap being pumped out in the media about the danger to tourists from cartels and drug violence had a devastating effect on tourism. Hundreds of millions if not billions were lost. Whole resorts and hotels closed down! Some for good!

I'm very sorry to see it's still going on and people are still buying into it. I've joked many times that the majority of Americans (that have never been South of the border) seem to think that Mexico is one taco stand plus a donkey and a guy in a funny hat and that anything bad happening in Mexico is all happening in that one place. Which is of course insane. I mean, if, say, there was a sudden major upswing of violence in New York, would that mean that people should avoid going to San Francisco?? 🤔🙄😂

Anyway, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but hopefully someone who was on the fence about going to Mexico sees this and realizes any fear that they've had injected into them is bogus. 😎

Thanks for the reminder and the laughs. That is an awesome flowchart! 😁

Oh and hey! I have posted my first contest !(included with a crazy/funny story) please check it out as I'd love your honest feedback and opinion on it. Also any tips on how to get more traction on it would be greatly appreciated. Big hugs amiga! Muah!

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