Meteorite Necklaces, Hand-cut and Polished Space Rocks

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This necklace has a setting made from 24kt gold-filled base metal on an 18-inch long leather cord with clasp. The cabochon is a polished meteorite that shows glittering metal flecks when turned in the light. The meteorite is an unclassified chondrite that was recovered from the Saharan Desert. This unisex necklace is an out of this world gift and a unique conversation starter. Ideal for anyone who deserves a piece of the cosmos.

I have two of these available. Both are similar in overall size and shape.

For more photos, details, and ordering :

Necklace #1 -

Necklace #2 -

Use coupon code "steemit" at checkout for 20% OFF. :)

Thanks for looking!


Photo credit : Michael Gilmer

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