Metatrader with bitcoin exchanges

in metatrader •  27 days ago 

Are there bitcoin exchanges that support metatrader?

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I think i read you can do it on this platform.
could be wrong though...

Unfortunately I'm not sure hopefully you get your answer soon. What is metatrader?

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@knircky, It would be great to know if any Bitcoin Exchange is supporting the Forex Trades.

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I´m tempted to say no because if it existed it would be one of the main exchanges out there and the biggest one's trading BTC don´t support metatrader, so I would assume there are none, but I don´t know every exchange in the world.

I was looking for an exchange that work in both worlds forex and crypto, it was hard to found any that made that job.

With Simplefx you can deposit with crypto. You can trade forex and some crypto and it supports mt4