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If you happen to live in the North-East of Scotland, I have excellent news for you. We will have our first ever open-air metal music festival in our wee corner of the world. If you don't live up here, you're most welcome to make your way over to visit us lovely bunch and see some great local and international metal bands.

Full Metal Haggis on 26th & 27th May 2018

Yass! For local metalheads for the first time no pricey flights, no endless journey, no dominating Weegie accent, as it's getting drowned out by teuchters.  :P 

The super early bird ticket sale started recently.


I'm just helping out the organisers a wee bit. For up-to-date info follow one of these accounts:

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Is there a lineup posted somewhere?


Not yet. I heard that some of the smaller bands have been confirmed, but no headliner yet. There is a Facebook events page, which I forgot to mention in the post: https://www.facebook.com/events/919392354875757/. I reckon that'll be the first place to show a line-up as it emerges.


cool. I've always wanted to visit Scotland and a good metal fest could be the perfect excuse ;)

Spotted this on Facebook today:
"Thanks for all your interest and patience peeps! Can't wait to release the Full Metal Haggis on the world!

We'll be announcing a large number of the bands and releasing tickets and camping passes on Skiddle early next week... much excitement afoot!

If you're brave and dedicated enough to buy a ticket for a brand new festival who haven't announced a single band yet then you can get an early bird advance discount weekend ticket for nearly half price now with this link!

These are extremely limited in number and are amazingly selling quite fast so if you want one get it quick! Again, much love and thanks to everyone who's shown how much they want this to happen by getting tickets already.... you rule!"

The line up has been released!