Morte et Tributa's (MET) Weekly Curation Report - MET Editorial Weekly #14 by @ksolymosi

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Dear Lovely MET Community,

this post is a copy of my usual end-of-the-week summary that I produce on the Whaleshares platform to sum up all the valuable posts I encountered during my curation search. Hopefully you will like it here on Steemit, too as many authors are present on both platforms.

This again has been a very busy week for me, however, I always try to find some time to read interesting and useful information that you share. I was really happy to see how many valuable posts were written by you during this week. It was a pleasure searching through them and select the best.

Yes, in the Curation Team we are looking for ❤️YOU❤️

  • who take your time to suggest something innovative and attention-grabbing,
  • who point out novelties and latest developments,
  • who lead us towards a more effective, successful and motivated mindset,
  • who show us the way to develop our skills and improve our management toolboxes or
  • who suggests us valuable business opportunities.

I usually try to "look outside" the MET boundaries when doing my curation but from this week on, I would like to make it transparent and show you who are the authors that were receiving support from the @met account without having the #met tag on their posts.

Three authors were curated by me outside the MET community, check out the lovely posts of @kofpato, @scottcbusiness and @eurogee mentioned below.

Hopefully they will join our growing community of like-minded people. Welcome them by commenting on their posts!

Sooo, let me present this week's essence collected by me:

January 28

AccountMET tokensWLS receivedDescription and link of the rewarded post
@rojo1330 MET24.76 WLSThis Spanish-language post introduces a business model that is focused on people. / Esta publicación en español presenta un modelo de negocio centrado en las personas.
@nmalove50 MET40.07 WLSThe author of this post deals with the essential question of creating a strategic plan for your business.
@emma00150 MET39.63 WLSThe author of this post analyses the reasons why we might not do consumer research and tries to convince us to start doing it.
@starry60 MET49.29 WLSThis post is a great overview of the potential growth strategies in business.


January 29

AccountMET tokensWLS receivedDescription and link of the rewarded post
@lordjames60 MET45.09 WLSThis post describes associative thinking that is a necessary skill to improve for everyone who needs to be more creative.
@emma00155 MET40.66 WLSThis post is intended to give you tools that can help you to boost your results in your professional services marketing.
@ceyebrity30 MET22.10 WLSThis post summarizes what you have to know about your market and your customers.


January 31

AccountMET tokensWLS receivedDescription and link of the rewarded post
@mbj50 MET35.91 WLSThis post is a „must-read” to everyone who wants to avoid failure in fintech, giving you five easy-to-implement tips that you can apply.
@starry60 MET42.57 WLSThis post is offering you a few strategies that would result in skyrocketing sales and profits.
@dtwo70 MET48.79 WLSThe author of this thoughtful post points out how industry clusters can drive small business growth.
@nmalove55 MET37.71 WLSThis post discusses how can your e-commerce store look trustworthy.
@starry60 MET40.78 WLSThis post is the second in a series that gives you a step-by-step guide to starting your own business.
@dtwo65 MET43.44 WLSThe author of this post introduces the idea and practice of cannibalization, which is the introduction of new products to compete with existing products on a market.


February 1

AccountMET tokensWLS receivedDescription and link of the rewarded post
@starry50 MET32.33 WLSThis post is the first part of a series discussing why businesses might fail.
@julietisrael50 MET31.90 WLSThis motivating post is asking you what are you doing with your failure, while encouraging you to look at your mistakes as „only an avenue to try something different and not make the same mistake”.


February 2

AccountMET tokensWLS receivedDescription and link of the rewarded post
@starry50 MET36.15 WLSThis post is the third part of a series discussing why businesses might fail.
@mbj65 MET46.74 WLSThis interesting post discusses the future of the banking industry and suggests that it lies in contextual and immersive experience.
@dhavey45 MET31.75 WLSThe author of this post sums up five myths about starting your own business that shouldn’t stop you.
@rojo1345 MET31.76 WLSThe author of this Spanish-language post compares the use of bitcoin to normal bank transfers. / Esta publicación en español compara el uso de bitcoin con las transferencias bancarias normales.
@apiprinz40 MET28.27 WLSThe author of this post offers you some tips that allow you to transform your small business into a conglomerate capable of serving the world at large.
@rojo1350 MET34.91 WLSThe author of this Spanish-language post sums up the problems with bank transfers. / El autor de esta publicación en español resume los problemas con las transferencias bancarias.
@fun2learn60 MET41.10 WLSThe author of this informative post summarizes the impact of industry 4.0 on business.
@samest60 MET40.67 WLSThe author of this phylosophical post asks you how do you conquer your negativity and offers you a few useful tips to be able to do so.


February 3

AccountMET tokensWLS receivedDescription and link of the rewarded post
@mbj60 MET45.07 WLSThis post discusses the phenomenon of shrinkflation (increasing the unit price of an item by reducing the size of the product) and its economic impact.
@strarry55 MET40.66 WLSThis post discusses the ways business owners may choose if they would like to increase productivity.
@kofpato45 MET32.99 WLSThe author of this post sums up three psychological factors that will recharge our willpower.
@scottcbusiness50 MET36.50 WLSThe author of this thorough post analyses how we can motivate ourselves consistently.
@eurogee45 MET32.55 WLSThe author of this motivational post encourages us not only think about what we would like to achieve but also to start taking actions for it.


So altogether I curated 28 posts (1465 MET token worth 1052.15 WLS rewarded). 👍


Finally, joining the initiation of @aagbona, I would like to show you a personal favourite on top of the curated posts listed above (I always select a post that has the #met tag however I do not curate it with MET tokens but reward it from my personal account):

@julietisrael has written a very motivating post about thinking positively. She has just joined an 'Affirmation Challenge' and shares her thoughts about it. It was a great reading!


What is the Morte et Tributa (MET) Community?

MET is being established to provide professionals and intellectuals with a central hub to which they can share valuable, general business-related knowledge and increase awareness of the cryptocurrency regulation that affects individuals and businesses world-wide. Furthermore, it is our hope to empower everyday people by assisting them understand the laws in their jurisdiction to better protect themselves from legal repercussions.

The @met account will be used to advocate and foster a community of individualists that will analyze and critique the current state of business, crypto and non-crypto regulation and how it affects each individual state, province, country etc. In a time of regulatory uncertainty, it is of utmost importance to advocate for a regulatory framework which incentivizes innovation. If you would like your posts promoted by the @met Whaleshares/Smoke/Steemit account, make sure to tag your posts with #met.

Who Should Join

As mentioned earlier, we are looking for forward-thinking business people who will be willing to engage and help the community grow. Startup founders and enthusiasts, business professionals, crypto enthusiasts and traders, SME business owners, and everyone that hopes simply learn about business. The @MET community is a hub where knowledge is freely shared for all by all, so we encourage members to create valuable business content that pertains to businesses or cryptocurrency. Conversations can ensue from these posts that may lead to regulations and policies.

So, MET is for everyone with a business mind, that hopes to either impart knowledge or wants to learn about the business landscape of different societies from members who reside in different parts of the world.

What You Stand to Gain

We recognize that community building can be a daunting task and, for that reason, we have put in place the right incentives as a way of rewarding individuals who create quality business content across MAS-chain platforms, using the MET tag accounts.

Also, we reward individuals who make efforts to grow our Discord community by providing MET tokens to those who invite friends to join in! Also, by engaging in tasks created/sponsored by @MET, individuals will earn more MET tokens these include: winning competitions, participating in initiatives, and by simply being being a valuable member to the MET community.

What are MET Tokens?

MET are cross-chain tokens backed by the MET account's whalestake/steempower/smoke power. These tokens provide holders the ability to reward their posts with the MET account, as well as share the post to the MET Whaleshares account feed for all the community to see. MET tokens are only given to people who: Participate in Challenges, Win Contests, and do other things of value for the community!

MET tokens are on BitShares! So, please make sure you have a BitShares/OpenLedger account to receive and send them for rewards/shares on your Whaleshares/Steemit/Smoke posts!

The MET tokens currently are only operational on the Whaleshares platform, but will soon be available on Steemit and Smoke

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