Why I Am Unable To Respect Police Officers

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I have a really difficult time respecting the police. It's not because of the many beatings I suffered at their hands-- I deserved most of those. Nor is it because they locked me up on my 21st birthday after a random stop and search which resulted in them finding a plant in my pocket-- and then stole my birthday money while I spent my ought-to-have-been-special night in a cell. It's not even due to the fact that my brother lost an eye in an unprovoked attack by one of them at a family wedding-- an event that my own mother had to observe, and that left her with PTSD.

No. Perhaps it ought to be for these reasons, but it is not. I cannot respect the police for a much simpler reason-- because they made the choice to uphold the law.

Now I can understand the appeal of being a cop if you are watching the myriad of movies and television shows that glorify the occupation and paint it as an honourable position to hold, but that's not reality.

If you are going to become a part of an organisation that literally kidnaps people and locks them up away from their families, then you had ought to do some fucking research into that organisation and be sure that you agree with the reasons that they do what they do.

This is not what we see though. Just as so many people sign up to kill others overseas without looking into the truth of why they are even at war, too many people enlist as police officers before taking the time to learn who they would truly be serving.

If they did, they would know it was not the people they would be protecting, and I suspect that would be enough to deter most of them from taking up the position. Of course a good 20% of cops only join the force so they can yield some power over their peers, but to the other 80%, just in case one of you is reading this right now, hear this;

You were one of us, don't you remember?

You became one of them so that you could protect us, but now we find ourselves needing protection from you.

Who do we have left to protect us when all of our heroes keep picking the wrong side?

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It is a sickness in our society, that is increased to a fever pitch by our indoctrination systems (the govern-cement schools and television programming) that you can solve all of your problems through outside force.

That you can solve a drug addiction problem by limiting drugs.

That you can stop a shooting by getting rid of guns.

That you can make everyone a good citizen by making a law.

It is a disease, backed by programming, that causes people to believe anything can be stopped by violence.

If enforcement or restriction of drugs worked, at all, prisons would be a clean and sober environment. It is not. And, has been shown to make things worse.

And this is just one area, where the proof is monumental. The data is stacked high. But, cops still bust people, whether they are breaking a law or not, for having a plant in their pocket.

Its a whole lot easier than actually going after dangerous criminals... because they are dangerous.


I am unable to interpret things this way because I do not believe the law is serving the purpose that you appear to believe it is.

I don't think the war on drugs is about removing drugs from society, nor do I believe the reason they want the American people's guns is so they cannot hurt one another.

Your logic seems sounds to me, but I just can't agree because I don't see it as them trying to make things better but getting it wrong. I see them trying to make things worse while appearing to be attempting to make things better.


I am speaking of the programming of the individual actors. The supposedly "good" cops.

I do not know how many times I hear someone say, there should be a law against that.
Without knowing any of the ramifications of what they are saying.
(You mean, you want people to die, if they do X?)

The people at the top of the pyramid are psychopaths. And they do, indeed, plan out these things to do evil, while sounding good.

The war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war to save the world from communism
All of these are sold as "good" things. All the literature. All the TV pundits. All of the govern-cement school, all say that these were a good thing. That this is the way it should be, and we are fighting a noble cause.

But, as you say, each of these only sounds good, until you actually look at what is happening.

I think 4 letters say it most eloquently..acab!


I had to google that lol. But sounds about right.

Omg 😄😄

What is your fix?
You say you have a problem, suggest a better way.


I am not God. I can't solve all the world's problems. But, we can solve them together, which is why I suggested that people ought to do their due diligence before enlisting in an organisation that uses physical violence against others. But how do we get them too is yet another solution we would need.


Unfortunatly there will all ways be a bad apple in the bunch, in NZ where the only cop on duty for half to three quarters drive , senior constables ( 15plus years service) and sergeants are allowed pistols in a locked safe in the back of their patrol car, the police are respected.
Occasionally, when the crim is off his head with drugs or booze and refuses to comply with common sense rules like ' don't walk down the middle of the raod in the middle of the night, you will get runover' they are arrested and put in a cell to dry out. If the crim won't do as respected he is then removed from danger to himself and others, by force if neccessary. It is better he wakes up with a black eye rather than the mourge.
Please start with " the US has a problem..........


Occasionally, when the crim is off his head with drugs or booze and refuses to comply with common sense rules like ' don't walk down the middle of the raod in the middle of the night, you will get runover' they are arrested and put in a cell to dry out.

It is only the fact that being too drunk or taking drugs has been deemed as crime that makes the person in this example a criminal. So where as you might see them as someone who is a criminal and deserves to be locked up, and apparently assaulted too, I see them as a human being who ought to be able to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

The whole world has a problem. NZ is not special, friend. Also, I am not from the US, if that is what you were assuming. I am from Scotland.

In saying that, there did used to be local forces around the world who upheld the law and were a part of the community rather than those who keep the community in line. But, the world changed. Most of these small forces were consolidated into much larger ones and that feeling of loyalty to one's community disappeared, and was replaced by a feeling of comradery among police.

If you read my post you would know that I am not implying that the hearts of most police officers were not in the right place originally, but there is no excuse for being a part of an organization that enforces rule over those who care not for the rules they are expected to follow. This is oppression, no matter which way you look at it. That's my opinion at least.


do you imply that it is ok for the drunk/drugged to wander out into the middle of the road and cause an accident, possibly wiping out a whole innocent family whose only crime was being at that point at that time?
While we are sliding down the slope towards the rest of the world, at the present time the majority of the police force are there to uphold the law,
like everywhere there are a few cops that are moved from station to station to save them from retaliation, but the majority are still good guys.
We are still at the stage you were, and I hope it stays that way.


What I mean to say is that if the architects of modern society deem it appropriate to produce the alcohol, advertise it to the people, and then sell it to them for their consumption, they ought not to then lock them up for being drunk.

I agree that alcohol is a problem. I haven't had a drink myself in a couple of years or so. But locking people up for being drunk is not the answer. A proper education on the consequences of abusing it, or the halting of its production would seem to me to be a much better way.

As I said, I too think there is a lot of good within the police forces of the world. But when one is upholding the law, which is immoral, then they are not doing a good thing. And I am sorry that you seem so convinced that NZ is special, but you still have the law there, and the law is still not about helping you or your fellow citizens. It's about controlling you.

I know most police say they joined to help and protect their fellow citizens but I never believed it.