🔬#MESExperiments 7: Gyroscopes Precess UPWARDS on Ice Even While Outer Casing Spins #Magic

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In #MESExperiments number 7, I have repeated the same experiment as in the 5th experiment but this time removed the plastic and metal bases so that the gyroscope is directly in contact with the ice block. This means that the contact surface between the ice and the stem of the gyroscope has very little rotational friction and which can be see by the gyroscope outer casing spinning very rapidly; even though the gyroscope’s center disk is the only thing initially spun.

#MESExperiments 7 Gyroscopes Precess up on Ice while Spinning Outer Case.jpeg

I positioned the gyroscope at about 35 degrees from the vertical and yet again the gyroscope magically rises upwards and with ZERO “centripetal force” as can be seen by the lack of horizontal movement as the gyroscope rises upwards. This experiment demonstrates that even if the gyroscope’s outer casing is free to rotate, the gyroscope still rises upwards. Thus the ability of the gyroscope to rise upwards is not due to horizontal friction (no centripetal force) and not due to rotational friction either. Then the question arises: how is the gyroscope precessing upwards? Stay tuned for my later experiments and my epic #AntiGravity Part 6 video which shows that “gravity” itself is being interacted with through the simple rotation of matter… #StayTuned

The gyroscope takes about 3.5 minutes to fully rise upwards and after which maintains its vertical position for about 1 minute. Then, as also shown in experiment number 5, the gyroscope magically “regains” its “centripetal force” as it precesses downwards and with the ice block moving in large horizontal circular movements. This upwards rising is even more impressive given the fact that the gyroscope stem has literally dug directly into the ice block. Thus the gyroscope rises upwards not only against gravity but against the surrounding ice wall. #AbsolutelyFascinating

Also, later in the video I show that as the gyroscope loses spin speed, it still has the ability to precess in a circular downwards spiral; albeit more chaotic as the spin speed lowers. But even at extremely low spin speeds, the gyroscope still has the magical ability to avoid falling directly downwards but instead still spiral downwards which also “cushions” the fall of the gyro. #AmazingStuff

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments Number 8!

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