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The construction sector has not been left out of the situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis and has been forced to redesign public infrastructure to meet the social and medical needs arising from the health alert; or build temporary structures in record time. BIM collaboration methodology has become a very useful tool for solving these problems.

BIM is a collaboration methodology based on the application of processes, standards, tools and technologies to digitally model information of a building or infrastructure throughout its entire life cycle using a common data environment.

In addition to 3D graphical representation, BIM includes non-graphical information such as technical specifications, progress, metrics and other variables of investments in buildings and infrastructure ; thus , BIM becomes a valuable decision-making resource throughout the entire investment cycle.


Investments in buildings and infrastructure in Europe have faced many disadvantages in recent years, resulting in delays and cost overruns throughout the investment cycle. Therefore, the introduction of methodologies is necessary to achieve greater efficiency, transparency and quality of public investment.


BIM can be used in the Telegram 's mep design services , suitable of the three levels of government, in accordance with their national long-term programming and investment management, which carries out investment projects and optimizing investment, margin expansion, replacement and rehabilitation - IOARR, in any of the investment phase of the cycle ...


  1. Efficiency of public funds management throughout the investment cycle, control of its technical and management information. This allows you to reduce costs and avoid delays in the execution of investments.
  1. Improve the quality of investments in buildings or infrastructure through collaboration and information management, which allows you to analyze and monitor quality standards, as well as verify compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to the investment.
  1. Collaboration through standards of participation, communication and information exchange between the various agents involved in the development of investments, corresponding to each of the different stages and phases of the investment cycle.
  1. Transparency of various decisions taken during the development of investments, through the management of information about all operators involved in the investment cycle.
  1. Control time at every stage of investment in buildings or infrastructure through collaboration and information management, identifying factors that have a direct impact on programming during the planning and implementation of investments.


International BIM standards exist in countries where the methodology has already been implemented at the government level ( ) . Among them are Australia, South Korea, Finland, Holland, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. At the regional level, very important efforts are being made to improve the quality of public spending. For this reason, methodologies and technologies have been incorporated at all stages of the investment cycle to achieve this goal. Europe is no stranger to these efforts, and in order to participate in the development of cooperation and the definition of regional and international standards, it is part of the network of modern European construction.

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