What do I do with my old Mens Thongs?

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We all have that corner in our closet that has a specified space meant for the clothes and accessories that we don’t wear. But have you ever thought about the mens underwear styles that are left out and haven’t been worn for almost a decade now? You must, to start with, you should organize your mens underwear drawer to keep a track of how many pairs are there.


Coming down to mens thongs, you must know that whether you wear them or you don’t, they’ll get old. So, what should one do with the old thongs for men that have been there in your closet doing nothing? It is recommended that you should change your mens fashion underwear after every six to eight months. But before you do anything, make sure you see how do your mens thongs look like.

#1 Your mens thongs don’t fit anymore
There are so many reasons that your thongs for men are not fitting you to the best anymore. You could have gained weight or lost weight and expecting that you still fit into the same pair would be foolishness. You should get yourself fitted and buy some mens thongs that suit your new size.

#2 Your mens thongs lost its shape
If there are slumps, unevenness and a general lack of shape in your thongs for men, you must discard them right away. If the elasticity is gone in your mens thongs, the basic purpose of holding up your manhood is gone.


#3 You just don’t wear these mens thongs
Maybe you got these mens thongs as gifts or you picked it up because you thought they looked handsome and sensuous. Either way, if it’s been unworn in your cupboard for more than 6 months, let it go!

So, now what can you do with the old pair of mens thongs?

You can do a lot of things but the most valuable decision would be:

1. Donate your mens thongs: There are so many men out there who have no or minimal underneath hygiene. When you donate your old and barely worn but healthy looking thongs for men, someone benefits from the same.

2. Sell your mens thongs: Do you want to earn some good bucks? Why don’t you sell your thongs for men on a portal where you could earn some good cash in return for your old pairs of mens thongs.

So, what do you want to do with your mens thongs when you get old? Do let us know in the comments below.

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