Mene 24k Princess Charm for my Daughter.

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My middle child had a Birthday recently. She had no idea what I was getting her. This is the first time I've gotten her Jewelry.....and she Loved it!!! We sat down and looked over the package she received. I explained to her some things I thought were important for her to understand, which garnered a blank stare.

So, I figured I would put it terms a young adult would understand. I told her all these Iced out rappers, Divas and Housewives are rockin some 90% to 95% Platinum and this was Pure. I explained to her one day the price of Platinum could and probably would be worth 1.5x more than Gold and she could swap her Platinum for some 24k Gold.

I then jumped on Steemit, to the most recent post by @goldmatters Mene 24 Karat Gold Bolt Earrings vs. 42% Not Gold (14k) and let her see what a joke anything but 24k really is.

She understood those terms much better and is looking to buy her first piece to add to her bracelet. Here are some pics of her present.

I was so happy that she liked her new charm. She had some Pandora charms, but there really is no comparison between the 2. She is now going to be only wearing 24k.

On a side note I found a new way to promote Mene. I've been playing around with the Lit app, which is the equivalent of Japanese Instagram, but you earn crypto for posting. So far it's been a big hit. Now I've figured out how to add my referral link to the messaging on the pics. I'm getting between 40-50 per pic. Hopefully some new referrals start rolling in, I'm having Platinum withdrawls. LOL

If you haven't heard about the biggest raffle on the blockchain, you don't know what you are missing. With nearly 40 prizes of Gold, Silver or Copper valued at over $1000, you need to check it out. It's open to anyone on Steemit. Each entry is only 1 STEEM or SBD. That's a chance to win a prize worth $20+ for under 1 Digital Dollar. You can see a list of the prizes and contest Rules here at Monster Raffle 2.0. Get your tickets now!!!


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hahaha " I told her all these Iced out rappers, Divas and Housewives are rockin some 90% to 95% Platinum and this was Pure" best explanation ever.

I like how gold looks better than platinum, buttt you kinda made me want platinum now


If that explanation didn't make you want to buy Platinum, my article from last week surely will @nomadicsoul. Check it out if you get a sec.

This is great :) resteemed


Thanks. I was pumped that she loved it. Can't wait to see the other 2 kids reactions.


Me neither!

That's awesome dude! Believe it or not, I have not signed up for mene yet as I am not a jewelry guy, however, I do have daughters as well so you sold me with this post. You got a referral link for me, I'm gonna sing up.


You know I do. My boy has one coming and oldest daughter picked hers out today. Can't beat a present that will hold it's value @summertooth.


Thanks VG! That is so true and I never thought of it that way until now.

So beautiful a gift for your daughter, @vgholdingsllc. I can't wait for my packages to arrive!!!!


She was very happy with it. Have 2 more coming of the other kids. Get them heading down the right path early. Thanks for stopping by @silversaver888 can't wait to see your unboxing.

Great Job POP..............@vgholdingsllc


Thanks. She was more excited than I had anticipated. Made me happy.

awww this is so adorable and what a lucky young lady to have a dad like you! soooo sooo sweet. i love the plug of the raffle at the end too bwahahahaahahahha love my VG


Gotta make sure to plug the raffle as much as I can. LOL. Thanks for the kind words @eaglespirit.

Oh oh.... bitten by the Lit bug. Great buy for your kiddo dad. You did well. ☺️


Lit is fun. I was happy she liked it @dfinney. See you on discord. HAHAHAHA