Steemmonsters has been a good investment!

in #mene11 months ago

This bear market in Steem has been hard on us, thank God Splinterlands has retained a lot of users.

I have been using my Steem to buy older cards that will go up in value, this has proved to be a good strategy looking at how well the price of cards have held up compared to Steem. Last night I opened a bunch of packs and scored on some very nice cards.

My best card drawn was a gold foil, ANGEL OF LIGHT LEGENDARY Life Monster that is going for over one hundred dollars on the market.


You can see from the picture I used some of my lucky 24k gold charms from Mene to help me get the gold foil. I almost feel like it's cheating but it has'nt let me down yet. I also used potions worth about 45,000 DEC.

Investing in gold and silver has been a nice way to keep my savings intact with the way the dollar has been devalued over the years. It looks like these Splinterland cards are keeping their value too!

I did get a lot of other good gold foil cards like this summoner, Malric Inferno for the fire crew.


I probably pulled 10 gold cards and 25 summoners, all the other cards were icing on the cake. If your thinking about getting some cards before they sell out, I think you only have days left to get them. I did this using the promo where you get 110 packs for 200 dollars, I'm pretty sure it will end up being a good choice and I will probably sell some of them for Steem to power up and add to my Steem Leo holdings!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!


Ha ha Lucky Mene Box strikes gold again!!

I wish I had your gold deck of cards!

The secret is.... more Mene boxes!!

Contrats on the pull. I have terrible luck for Legendary unless I run potions. I keep buying though when I see posts like this. I need a GFL to boost my deck!!

looks like they will be sold out very soon, I wish I would have kept more of my alfa cards but I bought a lot of them back.

I don’t know about these cards. Where can I look into

Great pulls! I was lucky to start buying in the Alpha phase and although it cost me more to level them up the last couple of months, the investment into them seems to be paying off in value today! Solid game with great potential!

Good move buying the alfas, Not too many cheep ones left!

WOW... lucky you! Wishing you more gold in your future, @tbnfl4sun!

Thanks, I may be done buying packs for a while, but I will snipe single cards that I think are undervalued.
It's time to get some more gold and silver with the recent pullback, I'm glued to the charts right now!

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