Mene is Disrupting Jewelry

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Gold equities investors have likely heard of Daniela Cambone and seen her interviews of mining company executives at various precious metals conferences. I have personally seen her at almost every conference I’ve ever been to.

Today she wrote an article about Mene for Kitco news which you can read here:


She correctly highlights how Mene jewelry is “disrupting the way we think about jewelry.”

Sometimes we forget that Mene IS a jewelry company and not a precious metals bullion company. The concept is to disrupt the multi hundred billion dollars JEWELRY business, which Mene is already starting to do.

Understandably stackers sometimes get confused by this because when you are often able to buy gold and platinum under “spot” ... thinking gets a little fuzzy with excitement .

^Find out how to do that here:

The fact is that probably everyone we know owns some 18k, 14k, or 10k jewelry. Now with Mene you can buy 24 karat gold jewelry for much less than the formerly mentioned diluted product , it doesn really make sense to buy anything else.


Cambone also points out how the Mene model is different than others:

..”unlike brand names such as Cartier or Tiffany & Co., which charge a high premium, Mene has brought jewelry back to its elements and aligned prices with weight and the actual spot price.”

This may be old news to Steemians, but a lot of people are just hearing this for the first time, and as the world finds out more about Mene, the growth is going to be explosive!

It may make sense to get your $5 in Mene credit and your own referral code to start promoting it! Do that here in about 30 seconds:

Lets here from the founder of mene @roysebag himself from the article:

"In countries such as China and India, you buy the jewelry by weight, of high karatage (close to pure) and you can sell the jewelry. I thought to myself it is pretty crazy that there is not one Western brand that has taken this approach,"Sebag said in an interview with Kitco News. "The jewelry industry seems to have forgotten its role in crafting wearable investments, which should maintain their purchasing power. "

My interpretation:


A couple others points I would like to draw attention to in the article:

“Sebag brought on Diana Widmaier Picasso, the granddaughter of famed artist Pablo Picasso to create modern jewelry designs for Mene.”

This is another really cool aspect of the company. Mene has some real star power and artistic heft behind the company.

And finally :

“Mene is the most attractive investment you can make. It is not a frivolous purchase. It's jewelry of precious value that endures over time. Every piece is crafted from pure 24 karat gold and platinum, and sold by weight with a minimal design fee,"Sebag explained.


Just when is the last time you got to call your investment “attractive?”

All reasons that:

I <3 Mene 24k!

... and you will too...

Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ that is transparently sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology with timeless design, Menē restores the ancient tradition of jewelry as a store of enduring value.

To find out more about what Menē 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry is from your fellow Steemians :

To find out more about what Goldmoney is from your fellow Steemians :

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here:

For Menē 24k investment jewelry here:

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney and Menē through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

All images sourced from Menē and Goldmoney.

Read more about Goldmoney:

See Steemians unbox Mene:

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Correction: Mene has already disrupted the jewelry space and is well on its way to becoming a market leader


I like it

Instead of saying 'where is my jewelry?' Mene owners can say 'where is my INVESTMENT jewelry?'

Who doesn't want to wear gold with Piccasso's touch?


Thats excactly right :)

MENE allows people anywhere in the world to wear PREMIUM 24K jewelry which was previously only available to the extremely wealthy. Now, if someone wants to wear pure gold or platinum rings or bracelets, they can do that at an affordable monthly rate with no hidden fee and free insured shipping. Talk about a disruption!

..thx...still read your posts...and I LOVE GOLD!!!....will get a piece soon to check it out...if there are special offers these days, pls feel free to offer it to me...up...


You can create your own special by utilizing the referal program as I have described :) thanks for reading!

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