Mene: A Brief History on Steem

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Mene Intro to Steem:

Mene Investment Jewelry was conceived and launched shortly after Steemit was born. The concept is to restore the link between jewelry and savings by manufacturing and selling pure 24 karat gold and platinum jewelry by gram weight with a transparent design fee in the US; as it is already common for billions of people in the East.


The pure gold and platinum jewelry is then tracked in your dashboard and can be sold or exchanged, similar to a stock that appreciates in value over time.


Mene was co-founded by the founder and CEO of Goldmoney, Roy Sebag, and the grand daughter of Pablo Picasso, Diana Picasso.


Mene went public in November of 2018.


Steemians soon accepted Mene as a viable alternative investment to fiat, while being able to share a physical jewelry product with friends and like-minded folks through blogs, photography, and vlogs. Thus sprung up one of the most passionate and earliest communities on Steemit. As a bonus, Mene 24K is one of the few companies that accept cryptocurrency for payment.


Mene brings value to Steem.

Mene provides a beautiful and natural piece of content that community members can easily share and communicate with each other about.

With tens of thousands of customers in over 60 countries, Mene is a serious and disruptive brand that is changing the jewelry industry forever. Having a real brand all over brings credibility to the platform and can ignite the animal spirits of other brands to come and create their own community here.


Mene is one of the few, if not the only publicly traded company leveraging the steem blockchain.


Let’s show the world what Steemit can do.


To get started with Mene and show other businesses why they should come to Steem, consider joining Mene and using crypto or fiat to purchase 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry and gifts... then show it off in a blog or a video on Steem. Many of your fellow Steemians have done this already.

Earn $5 in Mene credit for signing up for Mene with this invite link:

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There is a strong connection with blockchain technology and gold/platinum trade - especially when social media "mining" allows for the eventual purchase OF 24K gold/platinum metal. It's easier and more rewarding than digging in the mountain for precious commodities.

How many steemit posts does it take to purchase one MENE gold charm? Who knows. It all depends on the future of blockchain technology... which will become the NEXT $20K crypto? Who knows, but nothing is better than 24K for a savvy investor.

Stated perfectly @ironshield! Thanks for being a #menemaniac

The concept of transparent design fee is very appealing in jewellery.

Yes! Whats your favorite piece?

Mene is a great company and wonderful way to invest. Can't lie its become harder for me to since the restrictions on earning referral rewards bit that does not lower the awesomeness of what this company is and what it's goal is. Thanks for sharing!!

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