Goldmatters + Goldfashioned Meet Steemit Legends @karensuestudios & @Acromott

in mene •  4 months ago


Today was an exercise in Proof of Friendship as myself and @goldfashioned got to meet up with two Steemit Legends @karensuestudios and @acromott!

^These two are meeting Steemians ALL OVER THE GLOBE and today was my turn!


Things started off great as we went straight to lunch and paid for it with gold. Thats not a typo! We used goldmoney gold:


To buy these:


I know @teamsteem will be happy to know that 75% of us had the impossible burger!

There was a whole lot discussion about Mene:


I even showed these Steemit legends the brand new 2018 Steemsilverround!

^Does Karen look like shes excited?

What else did I do with these Steemit Legends?


Checked out the GOLDen State Warrior store:


Made fun of companies that were NOT Mene:


Did some urban Acroyoga next to a giant gold head:


Rejoiced in Mene Madness:


A Mene bonanza


@goldfashioned quietly worked in the background as always as I just goofed off:


The experts showed us how acroyoga is done:


And then the amatuer tried his hand :



Somehow I survived without hurting anyone!!


Thank you @karensuestudios @acromott and @goldfashioned for the most fun I have had in a LONG time :)


Expect more content from this amazing day soon!

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What a fun day!!! I am so glad I we got to meet up and all hang out !!


That was great man! Myself and @goldfashioned really enjoyed that. We spent the whole car ride home talking about how cool you are

awwww!!!! The photos bring back so many good memories already! :) Thank you again for the gift! You are awesome!


I miss you guys already!!


awww miss you too! Good thing we don't live really far from each other! You'll have to tour Sacramento next, lots of gold things we can find there :)

What a meet up,gold, big burgers and four awesome people!
I hope nobody got hurt with those stunts.


Just my ego :)

I hope @goldfashioned, @karensuestudios and @acromott did not leave without your autograph:)

Omg! I hope Tiffany and Co are reading this post right now......


Ha ha!! I got a copy of Karens book! ... the people in that store were shaking in their overpriced boots

24K good times!

wakkaka you did really well with the acroyoga! great catchup guys/gals!!


Ha ha i feel like i was terrible at it

So awesome!!! The fomo is real


You are next for some acroyoga !

That really looked like a fun day! @ironshield


It really was:)

When legends meet great things starts cooking... Karen looks great. Obviously you guys had a swell time sir


Was so much fun :)

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Oh I sure you have love another one of those Impossible Burger!


It was so good!!! I miss those guys already!!

Hi Goldmatters. Fantastic that you are meeting up like that with a common bond through Goldmoney and Mene.


Its was great! Mene everywhere


Karen looks a little embarrassed outside Tiffany's but you have done it before in a previous post lol.


Lol they are the ones that should be embarrassed

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Thanks post promoter

I think you guys having a great time, while meeting Steemit legends, having so much fun and posing for pics.. awesome moments.. enjoy..!


Thanks for reading