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Why do those who preach religious diversity
focus sooo much on cramming islam down our throats?

What do these people think Sharia is?
Why aren't feminsts speaking out against it?
Could it be that feminsts, instead of wanting rigths, want someone to demand they wear a burka?


its becuase they do not really believe in diversity at all ! That is juat the lie which permeits them to keep you in there POLITICALLY CORRECT THOUGHT POLICE CONTROLLED world ! Where you fear to be noticed or to be seen to have views which could be deemed by them as being racist or bigoted and backward from their dream of a Multicultural society where all is allowed and permitted ! Indeed their goal is more to implode our culture and Christian religion and have it replaced by fundamental Islam ! But dont worry at this rate it will be over soon and your pain will be at an end as they shove you into a hole with all of your fellow libetard God hating atheists who could not believe in anything more than their naivety and failing notions of political activism !