Meme Monday #4

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More memz!!

It's our favorite day of the week, Memrz!
Get your memin' britches on, ma!








Don't know the lady above?

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be live streamed!


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These were some good ones, I liked the honesty in the memes


Tell your friends?

Being rich....

That is the buzzword, that is a word that is associated with the 1%.
And we really have to stop using that word in that way.

Rotschildren are not rich, they are parasites.
They control the money and make money off of your labor, when you save or spend, they make money. They slowly drain your vitality.

The Rotschildren have gotten laws enacted to stop anyone else from becoming rich.


Being rich does make your opinion more valid than everyone else's.
Or more specifically, poor people are poor. Poor in thought, poor in health, poor in outlook, poor in grammar, logic and rhetoric.

The poor have very poor opinions.
The rich (or maybe we call them self made men) have broken free of the govern-cement indoctrination and retrained their brains.
They no longer think poorly.

Therefor, their opinions are much more valid.


Good luck with that.
Some poor people have only the problem of being gamed by the rich, and their dupes.
Taking advantage of your neighbor's inability is not the best management technique.


To answer this, i would make the distinction between poor and broke.
A broke rich person looks very much like a poor person, but their thought patterns are very different.

A poor person who wins the lottery will be poor again very soon.
The broke rich person will become rich again given any opportunity.

And, as i would trying to elucidate, the ones who are gaming the people are not rich. They own the system. They own the game.
It is not that they gained more and more money.

So, it would be kind of you to come up with two different classifications.
Those entrepreneurial spirits who create more wealth with their actions (and often become wealthy)
Those people who have purchased the system. Who own everything because they can print unlimited money. The people who own the FED and The US and the IMF.


I agree, poor folks have poor ways, and it takes more than money to be rich.

But too often those with money get confused about their status in the group.

Hola amigo espero que tenga un buen dia, saludos desde venezuela.

Buenos día amigo espero que te encuentres bien. Me encantó su blog