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if you were such memechallenge supporter and follower you would know that memearmy is phase I used for many weeks. that is not a fair and good way to support anything. Take a look how many weeks I use that phase and when new logo was made.I dont believe in coincidence about name picking. What if I now create taskmanagerarmy and start spam you posts and beg people to delegate to help grow the new community. so can you please remove memechallenge tag from your bot because i dont see that as supportive act.

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#memechallenge blacklisted as per your request.

I see how long you have used it, what I am saying is that when I created the account, there was no thought connection between your phrase and my name choice. I did not sit there and think I am going to steal so and so's phrase... I did not plan to create an account and target your thing.

(If your plan was to support people with upvotes for anyone who delegated with about 44x the value of their support in delegations with taskmanagerarmy, I would be flattered and I'm sure the followers would love upvotes)