Smarter money for a smarter society, I actually like the term smart money way more than cryptocurrency.

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A while back I was trying to help get an interview with Jacque Fresco about this smarter way of doing money and he didn't seem very interested, I wonder if that has changed and he has said anything about it since.


Wanna buy Dash with debit?

Trading Dash for cash?

Banking in the US?

Don't have a wallet yet? This one's dummie proof!


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I do not like the term smart-money because everything that has smart in it, is actually dumb, stupid and spying on us.

Smart meters? These things, if they were smart, would bill people at different rates for different times per day. Want people to wash clothes at night or in the morning to avoid peak usage? Then pay them in lower electric prices. Something "smart" would do this. And don't get me started on the actual things the smart meter should have, like the ability to help the electric grid come back from a black out.

Smart phones? These things are stupid. The OS is soooo bloated with spyware it isn't funny. Your smart phone actually gets slower and slower because of additional spyware added at each patch. If these things were so smart, they would tell you if some software is using the microphone or camera. But they can't.

So, "smart money" is right out with me. The use of "smart" has forever left a bad taste in my mouth.


Do you have any suggestions as to less intimidating words, common words, we could use to describe the tech?


Sorry, I am not a name coming up with person. Except by flashes of insight.

The words I use to describe what currency will be in the future is super-bitcoin.

@stellabelle your wish is coming true 😜

@builderofcastles you are undoubtedly correct in correlating the prefix smart with spy. Spy meters, spy phones, spy cars... that was genius. I do however agree with @tommycordero on the term cryptocurrency. Crypto sounds intimidating to the average person. The gentleman checking me out at the store said he was drawing on his 401K and hoarding gold and silver. I offered a suggestion on diversifying with cryptocurrency and I immediately thought of the "dark web" and "silk road". He's also older than Jesus.