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I'm confused and out of the loop as usual...


Are you on


Yes, I am on, I think my username is the same as on here

Tell me more about it...

Are you talking about Trybe?

Seriously, what is this other site with triple you speak of? Nice OG meme by the way!

So, if filters out bid bots, right? Bid bots are weak sauce man so I'm all ears!

Is playing Megaman considered as a sport?


No, but if I get paid, I'll write a 50,000 word thesis on cricket. Luckily, I haven't had to do that.

whats the secret?

bit-tube looks interesting for videos?
easylife (will be the magnus opus of blockchain blogging and much more when it starts) :)
or no such thing?

Are you talking about Narrative platform?
EDIT: This one

I would say you were delirious from lack of sleep and food, or perhaps that you are on that other site we talked about.


Sleeping’s all I’ve been doing for the longest time. No energy for anything else.

Having trouble networking over there so far. Maybe running's not so popular? Any suggestions?



You know its actually only ~20% value of what is displayed there, right? :D


Yes, I do, don’t worry. :)

But I believe in the coin. Don’t be so TOXIC.

It’s also not even about that. It’s about a warm and respectful welcome, and a community that seems to give a fuck. It's also about the fact that I've had fun there. I can interact with people, not bots. Especially not bid bots. I get respect there, unlike here.

Not powering down any time soon.


Ah, so the way steemit was when I first joined. I definitely miss those days. Can you tell me what the site is sweetie? Pretty please? lol

Sounds good, I hope more information about it ...