Dear Santa: This year all I want is some Steem!

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What did Santa gift you today? I asked him Steem to power up. Why? Because Steem is all I want. Luckily I was a good boy this year. I think that asking Santa to gift us Steem is making his job a lot easier. Fast transactions with no fees, he can do it from the North Pole without having to go out to the cold. So... make Santa a favor and ask him some Steem!


STEEM, SBD, SP...anything will do!

Yes turn on the STEEM
Is my first week and loving it.
Earning and Community here is Wonderful !!
Thank you

Please Santa give me some steem, my posts don't seem to get any attention :/

lol Great post! I hope Santa rewarded you with a bunch of Steem. Merry Christmas to all!

P.S. I Power Up all Steem!

If you read this Santa, send me some as well.
Merry Christmas :)

Yes make that two, I could use some too !!
Thank you

upvoted, followed and RESTEEMED !!!
Thank You

I could use some steem. I got 3 Christmas gift this year which I'm grateful for. Socks.

Hi Santa, can you please give me some Steem Power this Christmas? I've been good to other Steemians this year. Thank you very much, Santa in advance! :)
Merry Christmas to you and you love ones @rocketboom ! Resteemed!

Great idea @rocketboom! Santa gave me a 3 pound Hershey candy bar and I'm glad that I haven't even opened it yet ;)

Yes! Steem Please! I love steem and the steemit community! It is such a kind and helpful community! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about steem and it's potential! Light and Love! Positive Energy My Friends! :)

Steem Dollars :D

For this Christmas, I made a steemit profile for my brother. Its better than money :)

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I’m looking for Santa to get me Steem!

For me too, "Steem is all I want" :)

Santa is very kind
1000 steem power is not enough for me,
please give me 100000 steem power

hahahhahahh wish you all the best for your wish.. I think you have already got much more than what you have wished for huh :D .. :)

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