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Soooooo much foolery about!

todo eta mal

All I can do is, -facepalm-

We all must give respect when working in the service of Lord RayEl.

Good old Bill...

She sings wonderfully, I remember hearing this song in the movie "Daddy Day Care" I started listening to it on youtube and loved it! Respect is a must though!

Amazing brother nice blog great

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Something is definitely wrong in this image.


Can you tell what is wrong in this image


thats actually quite funny xD

Wow, is this where all shit goes to?.

I damn near spit out my coffee seeing this. LMFAO! Hilarious!

Lovely old school video "Respect." As for the photos and its descriptions, it is nothing short of the prophecies foretold in the Bible about the End Time Church! Nice post!

A boob is not a sex organ

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