The Collapse of Purchasing Power of the Dollar

in #meme3 years ago

Most people getting into Crypto nowadays see it as an alternative investment. This is one perspective. However look at the graph below.

collapse of purchasing power of us dollar.jpg

Due to excessive money creation the dollar has become hugely devalued. Most people fail to realise that their wealth is slowly stolen throughout their lifetime by inflation. When the quadrillions locked up in derivatives trading return to the market, dollars may well experience something akin to what happened in pre-war Germany

A different perspective is perhaps necessary. Crypto isn't an alternative to the dollar. It is a hedge AGAINST the inevitable collapse of the dollar...


Surely what we need is a form of currency that is DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED by the people, for the people, as long as currency is in the hands of the state or big business, we will all suffer.

I think that crypto can be alternative to fiat system, the collapse of dollar is inevitable also because it's inside of point of no return. Dollar is old.. not the future.

While I agree that the dollar may collapse sooner or later, cryptocurrencies are a shaky investment right now. We don't truly know if people will embrace it long term. Cryptocurrencies could just as easily collapse.

As long as fiat money can be printed at will and the debt is never shrinking then anyone who believes in the fiat system has been tragically tricked.

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