My Meme to Get Me Some Brocoin! (And How you Can Enter to)

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bitshares account: hope-huggs-18

Thought I'd tag some meme stars for this one:

@lost108, @teutonium, @karenmckersie, @gavinthegreat, @fibra59



  1. These rules, text and picture underneath must be copied and pasted onto your post (including this one or no Bro, sorry!)
  2. I'll be posting a picture underneath these rules, please copy it onto your post and caption it/meme it.
  3. Please include @raymondspeaks in your post somewhere (so I can find it) and also post your bitshares account name. If you don't have one - go here: and register one.
  4. Everyone that takes part gets 100 Brocoin You can only have 1 entry.
  5. The winner receives 2000 Brocoin
  6. Nominate and tag 5 friends you'd think would like to give this contest a try
  7. use the tag brocontest as one of your tags
  8. 10 Bonus Brocoin for a share on social media limited to one share per platform (ie. Facebook, Twitter + Reddit = 30 Bonus Brocoin)

Click here for more Info about the Man Cave and this contest

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lmao!! Sending 100 your way now.