RE: brah not gonna bring me down..not for no one... snowflakes gonna melt

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brah not gonna bring me down..not for no one... snowflakes gonna melt

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You want something that's really brutally honest? Read some stirner

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being intellectual and a free thinker doesnt remove your morality or free you from it... Morality begins after birth and how your cared for... If your givin love, love is what you know and what youll try and grow

yes it does. Morality doesn't objectively exist. It is only a spook.

Love is only a chemical, it is not a force of nature or anything similar. I would put it on the same class as prescription medicine.

you are not a free thinker if you have morality.

"you are not a free thinker if you have morality."

If he accepts your invitation to limit himself to this feeble definition you have so generously supplied, he would not then be a free thinker. As it is he has chosen to remain free-thinking and to pursue his sense of morality at his leisure. He is right to laugh at you.

morality is not an objective fact


Im deeply sadden by what you believe is free thinking let alone intelligence lmfao

yet you provide no argument.

unless you can prove it objectively exists, its just a thought in your head. Its like laws, rules, and property rights.

love is a chemical addiction.

Says one who has confused the feelings of drugs with emotions and probably done one to many and which has really damaged your ability to connect with others and experience the awe and synchronicity of the universe

looks like you have some reading to do lmao.
love isn't an emotion. It's a drive, like hunger.

for real tho love is just a chemical lmao

Lol its ok to be a psychopath and dedicate your life trying to justify the lack of morality with intelligence

morality is not objective. Do you even know what that means?

You might want to look it up, I've muted you either way tho

I'm not a psychopath

Lol theres untold amount of knowledge missing and your making assumptions its brilliant really... (sarcasm) extremely limited perspective will leave you trapped

you have literally no understanding of psychology or biology