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Megamind Inspiration is an organization that is set to raise leaders in every aspect of of life. Founded in 2016 by Rufus Moses with the user name @creon, it's major focus has been on the development of the human mind to discover its limitless possibilities.

In the wake of its upcoming conference at the end of this month, the founder, @creon has decided to bring a contest here on steemit to further promote the organization and to Reward steemians...


How to participate.

  1. To be part of this contest, Write a motivational article not less than 500 word on the topic "Time is Now"
  2. Follow the user @creon
  3. Resteem this post
  4. Upvote this post
  5. Post the article under the tag #megamind ..
  6. Mention the names of the sponsor and also add the link to this post in your entry.
  7. Follow every rule accordingly


To get a winner of these contest, I am not going to focus on how many votes your article gets but the quality of your article, but getting a lot of vote might be a good thing just incase there's a tie....

The Reward

  1. Every participant gets a reward for participation.
  2. The winner gets a 5sbd reward

To be a sponsor of this contest kindly send you donations to @creon, and you will be appropraitely appreciated.

Sponsors are @creon and @official-hord

Judges are @creon and @official-hord

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I have plenty of motivational articles on my profile right now, one of the latest is but I have many more, feel free to visit

I'll support the project by resteeming and upvoting


Thanks.... You can participate too

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