Steem Meetup Toronto - Sunday April 29th

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Calling all Toronto Steemians

Steem Meetup Toronto happens on the last Sunday of every month. It's a casual meet and greet for local Steemians to connect, network, and exchange ideas.

Upcoming Event Details

When: Sunday April 29th, 9-11pm
Where: The Cloak and Dagger (384 College St. Toronto ON)

Hosted By

(@dan-atstarlite and @jaybird)

Live Performances By


Please RSVP on here

steemit meetup.png

😎 Let Your Toronto Friends Know! 😎

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very good post , thanks for sharing


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Thank You! ⚜

I see you're playing for the Toronto Meetup congratulations I do enjoy your music @steembirds

See ya’ll sunday!


You better record your performance!!! :@ :DDD

Wow! this is great!!! Our meet-up is today! Saturday!!! (^_^)
5 PM on going! (UTC+04:00) Abu Dhabi