Calling All New York Steemians! (Gathering - Tues 7th August)

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So next week I get to spend a few days in New York.

While doing the ‘tourist’ thing is nice, I thought it would be great to get together with some Steemians in the Big Apple.

I reached out to @andrarchy (Steemit Content Director) and he agreed to meet up this Tuesday. I’d love to extend the invitation to any Steemians and Crypto buffs in the area, to share a drink and have an impromptu meetup. First drink is on me!


Bill's Bar & Burger

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 20.01.54.png

Rockefeller Center

16 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, USA

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 19.57.03.png


7pm, Tuesday 7th August 2018

I know it's late notice however... if you’re in Manhattan and available on Tuesday, please feel free to join and see where the night takes us!

I’ll be reachable on Telegram at @nanzoscoop (in case we drift away from Bill's).

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Do you mean 7 pm on the 7th of Aug ?


My bad... yes the 7th, tomorrow.

It's ironic for a bunch of crypto enthusists to meet at the rockafeller banker bauilding lol


Yep, it's a takeover! Lol

will try to be there

This is wonderful. Way to go. I wouldnt miss this meeting for anything if i was in New York. Guys if you are there. Try your best to be there. I have a feeling its going to be awesome. All the best @nanzo-scoop

Oh man, I would love to join you but I’m off to Canada.
Have a great time in NYC and hope to catch you the next time!

Wish you New York Steemians a successful meetup in advance!
I'll meet you at SF3 I guess?

Tuesday is not the 18th. That’s a Saturday... when is this meetup ?

Whooa! It could be nice meetup @nanzo-scoop! I wish one day I can be there, at the New York City.

Awesome!! Hope the NY steemians see this in time, have fun :)

PS you wrote 18th Aug by mistake under Time ;)


Thanks - yep it's tomorrow, 7th.

I wish I was in. Ny .

If you plan to make a meeting in Israel

Plz tell ;-) .

Hope it goes well bro wish I could be there 🤜🤛

Ey Nanzo, unfortunately can't make it out tonight, but if you're around the city a bit longer, come hang out with us at the @sndbox exhibit!

it could be something, it is nice to be there if only I was near. Please some update of your meetup 😇

Thank you for sharing come and check my blog and upvote my content

Meeting with fellow steemians would going to be an amazing experience for sure.

Make a steemit great! :)

Hope you enjoyed NYC! And I see you made it to Bushwick - awesome!

americans are the most fortunate , i wish i was there :(