#steemit-austria steem summer party on Thursday 23.08.2018! (EN/DE)

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Encouraged & supported by @mammasitta, with some com-lab members we are talking for a while about organizing a small summer steem party at the lake! It has not been easy to find a day as each of us as another summer planning, however we did found out and decided to make a tentative on the 23rd of August to celebrate notably the birthday of @gexi on the same day and the one of @manncpt who will have his birthday August 13th!

DE: Ermutigt und unterstützt von @mammasitta, unterhalten wir uns schon mit einigen Com-Lab-Mitgliedern seit einiger Zeit über die Organisation einer kleinen Sommerfestparty am See! Es war nicht leicht, einen Tag als jeden anderen im Sommerplan zu finden, aber wir haben es herausgefunden und beschlossen, am 23. August einen Vorbehalt zu machen, um insbesondere den Geburtstag von @gexi am gleichen Tag und den Geburtstag von @manncpt am 13. August nachzufeiern!

What can you expect?

  • swim in the lake
  • enjoy one of the slacklines
  • play freezbie
  • play cards
  • draw some @steemshirts
  • make #lightpainting in the evening
  • say hello and what you are expecting about @blocktv
  • share food & music
  • meet & learn best practices from other #steem members

Was können Sie erwarten?

  • schwimmen im See
  • Genießen Sie eine der Slacklines
  • spiele freezie
  • Spielkarten
  • zeichne einige @steemshirts
  • mache am Abend Lichtmalerei
  • sag hallo und was du von @blocktv erwartest
  • Essen und Musik teilen
  • Treffen Sie sich und erfahren Sie Best Practices von anderen #steem Mitgliedern

Credit: screenshot from https://www.steemitworldmap.com/ Map courtesy from Google Inc.


The lake is close to the station Ziegelhofstrasse of the tram 26.


Der See liegt in der Nähe des Bahnhofs Ziegelhofstraße der Straßenbahn 26.

See on Google map/Siehe auf Google Karte

Credit: screenshot from Google map.


23 of August 2018, from 15h on.


23 August 2018, ab 15 Uhr.

What should I bring?

Please bring some water and anything you want to drink or to snack . There is a small wurst kiosk usually open at the entry of the lake as well as a little bar and toilets easly accessible.

We hope the sun & you will be at "the rendez-vous"!




I am looking forward to cooperate with @mundharmonika who is managing now the regular steemit-austria meetup to make visible this small event as well as see him and the community to take part to the multiple celebrations! ;-)

Let us know if you are planning to join by replying to this post!

Special thanks to @manncpt for his continuous help in reviewing my posts and for the correction of my very own German hahaha!

Join the com-lab to organize the next steps of the @globalschool

If you also want to cooperate with @anomadsoul, @alexandravart, @ccommons.art & friends, @carolineschell, @marpa, @mammasitta, @lizanomadsoul, @preinisch, @teekingtv, @for91days, @zuckerzombie, @bertille-aa, @vinyll, @neomad, @gexi, @smartcoins, @hayk-hayko, @steembay, @travelfeed, @alexvan, @pollux.one, @bellastella, @wildtreeman, @wolfgangsieberth, @thermoplastic, @queker, @rebertorom, @street.yoga, @emmanomadsoul, @noemi0806, @vasil-danev, @juangeni, @opt2o, @blocktv, @blockdev, @blocklaw, @manncpt and me in the community lab.

Just click on the link and join the discord server. It is an invitation for collaboration: https://discord.gg/nYj4zd9

All the rewards of my posts are invested to take in charge @globalschool and @onofoundation activities (such as to buy new material, equipement, server costs or urgencies) and or to support new comers with @inyoursteem, @covermaker, @ideamachine, @workshops, @hackathons, @steemshirts, @innovations, @solidarity, @blocktv, @blockdev and @blocklaw. Thanks for your support, SP delegation on @globalschool or @onoschool, upvotes, resteems and participation to the @globalschool curation trail!

with a lot of love,

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nice 23rd is my bday :3
Wann you wrote 1.august^^

ill be there


Thanks for the correction, I updated! Happy to know you'll be there, it will be even better to celebrate your bday! =D

Excited to party and chill on the lake with you all! Thank you @jnmarteau for taking the initiative to plan this gathering as well as we know that a lot of people are in vacation during the summer in Vienna. :)


Yes, I know a lot of people are in hollidays, however it can be also great in small group, looking forward to see you and the others joining!


I will be there coming with the surprise guests of Hug Inn Vienna! ;)


We looking forward to celebrate with the guests of Hug Inn Vienna our co-founder and chairman's birthday on August 23rd! :)

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I think this is my first post using steemitworldmap, thanks for the service and great option! =D


🌞 😎 🐋

Uh yeah that sounds like a great party :)

I will do my best to come as well, but I am not sure if I will be in Austria at that time...

However, I am definitely looking forward to see many of you soon again :)


We too, thank you for your continuous support! :)

The perfect spot for a summer party! 💃🏿


Yes, can't wait to be there! =)