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Hi there steemians: how have you been recently? Cebu cluster will gonna have a 4th meet up on this coming sunday. If you are around please come and join us here at Tazza cafe located at tsai hotel, brgy. Lahug right across the JY Square mall. I just made a reservation today so that we can fully occupied the place and exclusive for us steemit bloggers. It's gonna be exciting and especially for those newly joiners. Everyone are welcome as long as you are willing and interested to learn. If you have the same passion to write.

We will discuss and share about our knowledge in steemit. If you don't know yet. Don't hesitate to ask be confident. We are here helping each other to grow. Steemit community becoming bigger. Then we are lucky to be part of it. We are going to spread what we know across the globe. Are you excited?


*sharing story
*How steemit originated
*How to sign up
*Ideas to post
*Importance of Introduction post
*People who can post
*How to boost your money
*Exploring the new trending section and learn from other post
*Importance of being active and good interaction with fellow steemians
*Digital Currencies
*Payment System
*Demonstration of cashing out

These are the way of how to be successful in steemit. Follow, upvote and resteem. Support is the most important to have strong connection. Let's be connected.

What to bring?
Laptop or any device that can navigate your blogsite.

TOMATO AND BASIL SANDWHICH -basil leaf, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese

FRAPPE -Matcha green tea

CAKE - Mango

Everything taste so good. For sure you will grab some. I ordered before making a reservation for the event. Enjoying the meal, drink and dessert while writing this blog for you 💗

Steeming can do anywhere at anytime. Love it! 😊

Dear Steemians,
Since we are going to use the place. We have to order but not obligatory. 😊 It's a pleasure to have you all here.

Order, eating and blogging. Perfect ! !

For those who missed the 1st to 3rd meet up you may refer to this link to get some reviews.




We have newly steemian. Please help me to welcome and support what they deserve.

And this are the active users :


For those who are not on the list. Leave me a comment below.

Thank you.

See you on sunday steemians 😊

Have a good day!

Much love,



Cool :) I hope we see more soon :)

For sure. Stay tune😊

great spot to unwind madam, see you on the event date!! <3

Yes. Madam. I'm excited. This place for us jud. . 😘

Upvoted 100% and Resteemed. We are excited to launch BISDAK! Cebu Steemit Bloggers Unite!

Thank you, manko. . I'm excited for this event. Yahoo! ! ! Cebu steemit bloggers and to steemians across the globe. 😊

Yay! Me too. Let's conquer the world awee haha

For sure. Remember from the start we are the conqueror 😊

woww! see you all!!

Hi @jenesa I haven't meet you yet. I am excited to see you. 😉

Great post and very informative. @bellatravelph Have learnt a lot from it.

Hi @nakamurasatoshi thank you. Happy steming. Are you new here?

wow great, i will to do on my comunity

Yes. Start now. 🙂

Excited to see all of you! <3

I have the same feeling with you😊

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Thank you. Enexpectedly🙂 Steemit always have surprises.

Waaaa. Sayup akong username Bella haha.

Oh darling @ninyea sorry. I will correct it. Haha. 😘

Wish I lived in Cebu, really want to learn and earn.

Don't worry, steemit is everywhere. Happy steeming.

Nice mga kabayan. Padaun sa pag uswag! God bless Cebu Steem Community.