Boston STEEMIT Meetup hosted by @aggroed and @justtryme90 6:30 Knight Moves Brookline Tuesday August 1st 6:30pm

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@justtryme90 and I are going to host a Boston Steemit Meetup Tuesday August 1st in Brookline, Massachusetts. The facility is called Knight Moves and it's a board game cafe with games, food, and coffee/tea. I'll try to be there starting at 6pmish. The event will formally run from 6:30-8:00 and will feature a flash fiction contest and a flash science contest. Winner's will receive some combination of upvotes, resteems, and SBDs from at least the two of us as well as liquid rewards from this post!

The primary agenda is simply to bring the community together so that we get out of our homes and go from armchair activists, business people, and cryptohounds to meeting in person. You're welcome to introduce yourself as either your Steemit Handle or birth name. We request pictures be limited to only people that consent. We're not here to Doxx! We're here to meet and build this community.

Space is initially limited to 35 people. So, please send any amount of steem/sbd to me with the memo "Boston Meetup." If you'd like to sponsor food or something, but can't come please note that in the memo. If this post brings in well over that amount of people then we'll likely change venues, but keep the date and time.

I'm going to sell advertising in a small pamphlet too to benefit the Minnow Support Project. If you'd like to purchase a print ad for the event please send 20 SBD for a 1/2 page ad or 35 SBD for a full page ad. If you'd also like to see it on a blogpost going out to at least 5000 people please send 80 SBD. All ad purchases should go to @aggroed and all should have have the memo "Boston Ad." Personal and business ads are welcome. Please keep them clean and safe for a public audience. (There are usually 100 transactions a day going through @minnowsupport, which is why it's cleaner to send to @aggroed than @minnowsupport but all donations will go there). To send the ad please contact me in the PALnet Discord Channel!

I'll also be offering a 500Sp delegation for a month as a prize to a minnow that promises to abide by MSP guidelines (no porn, no stolen content, no insults, no violence, no shitposts).

PALnet- Home of the Minnow Support Project Discord Group-

Knight Moves is on the C-line at the Summit Ave stop. The address is 1402 Beacon St. Brookline MA. There is limited street parking available out front with meters that should be relatively available around 6:30. The event is called "Steemit Boston Meetup" and if you call to ask them anything about it please talk about that.


Wish I was local, I'd join.

damn, Id love to go but I'll be working. looks like a great time, have fun!

I sent you a message to reserve a spot, hopefully there is still space.

As for me coming it might be a good way to promote steemit if I can film the event, not live, but edited. Would that be cool?

Sounds awesome! Just make sure any faces you get in there are consensual and we're good!

Will do. Tx.

Nice meetup! go for it :)

I really wanna join it. Come to my country India and arrange some beautiful seminars and meetup here. I will like to invite you to have a look at my india tour blog post and explore the beauty of our beautiful country India.

Get your own!!! Find a space with some internet and get folks together. You don't need me.

ok as you wish.

@aggroed you get the alcohol, I'll be the bar tender. Make it the good stuff and a basket for car keys.


I'm in 👍

WOOT. Please shoot any amount of steem/sbd to me to place hold a registration


upboats and resteemz. <3

Huge post! Resteemed and tweeting it out right nowwww

Looks like a fun setting. Perhaps we'll have to host one at the @gardenofeden. Excited to hear how it goes. Sending you lots of mojo for an incredible turn out.

That sounds like a great idea!!!!

Wish I could be there. I've been trying to help in my own way though. Recently I've been thinking about ways to make the steemit platform even better and I think I may have stumbled upon an idea that could REALLY make steemit more popular and functional. I would like to submit a proposal for a feature. I know that steemit wouldn't necessarily integrate this themselves but I think it would be possible to integrate a 3rd party application that fits along those lines. I am not talented enough in coding and app development to accomplish this myself. I would like it very much if I could find some developers on the steemit platform that may be interested in developing such an application and to see if it would even be feasible. I know many steemians would probably be stoked with live video integration! Does anyone know any developers?? I wrote this short article on it but havent gotten too much interaction as of yet.

Rumor is Steemit Inc is coming out with it next year. But who really knows

Selamat, dengan semangat juga kemauan yang sangat tinggi, semoga sukses selalu...

Nice meetup 😊
Im in 😎😁

great! Please send like 0.001sbd to aggroed with a memo "Boston"

sighs ..
drooling here
i wonder when this will ever happen here
am moving to boston
have fun ya all!

Well, stop wondering and find a space. It doesn't have to be that expensive.

Sounds cool

Keep growing steemit!

Such awesome!

Great post, Upvoted and followed.

This is a good idea. I wish there was a local one near me!

Wow this looks great,and nice meet up,I am the new user of Stimmit I saw some of your posts they look awsome and I hope so that you will post more and more posts ,Thank you for,something incredible .

Nice Place i Like it @aggroed

Wish I could be there. Have fun guys!

wish i still lived in Boston to go. :( Maybe next time.

Good idea. I should do one of these in my town.

Darn it! I just left Boston last week!

That's a bummer. Would have been nice to meet ya!

Same to you

Lovely place for a meet up!

Love the idea having grown up in the Boston area although not there right now. Resteemed and shared on twiter.

So much tweetage on this post today!!

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Boston STEEMIT Meetup hosted by aggroed & justtryme90 6:30 Knight Moves Brookline Tuesday August 1st 6:30pm… /


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Will you video it? Resteemit!

Little concerned about that for privacy.

@thearcanebear did a meetup and they videoed it and it was awesome to get to hear the folks discussing how and why the came to steemit, all seemed pretty comfortable with it...

The number one place i would love to be, i can bet it gonna be fun and alot more to learn about steemit


Guys, I would like to do something in the SouthEast (Atlanta) to get started? Tips/ideas/helpers???

what is something?

Awesome post, it's great to see all the meets, thanks for sharing #keepsteemin :)

Hhhmmm, would monitor from afar

You can count on iDC to be in persons.

sounds awesome. Please send any amount of steem/sbd with a memo of Boston.

May i wonder why is this in Hot???

Because people voted on it?

Aww man...this just came up over at discord, because apparently half of the minnows are from long island...I was hoping this was at the middle/end of August, cuz then I might be able to come, but alas....

I like the print ad idea. It's good that you are coming up with so many ideas to really support and elevate the MSP project. 😊

Wow! So great to see that people actually meet up. It's so easy for us to get stuck behind our screens and not be "real people"...
I so wish I could go - pity I'm in another hemisphere :(
Hope every enjoys this :)

I am glad to read ur post but can't join anymore this time but will enjoy all moment in your next post, if you will join there and will explain here..

Awesome! <3

Man this looks great.. Man oh man..I never been to Boston, I sure wanna go now though.. great Job guys!!

Come join us!

Hai !! I really like your post, let's get closer to follow and vote @munzil

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A great thing to do :0) we need more of those steemit meeting up. Thx for sharing. Inspiering

Such a great idea to be able to meet and match a face to a name.

How fun! Wish I could be there. Let me know if ya'll end up doing a meet up in Sacramento. :)

I Love the idea of Steemit meetups ..

very interesting, and want to join there as well

Awesome, another great initiative bossman

Really awesome

This is great idea. Wish I can be there but I will be out of town by then. Pls keep me informed. Would love to join next one. Thanks.

Dang...wish I was near Boston. Hope you all have a blast!


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I want see it :)

hope you had a good session there enjoy.

wwwwwoooooooo....nice and colour clasik

Is there any meetup in the Czech republic?

Great job, guys!

Thanks Donkey! I hope one day we'll meet!

good one guys

Amazing to hear!

Can you make it brother?

A good meeting for the success of community members

dam good work

Best community that we have share, dialog to gather each others know the new information from another...good job...

for you guys hehe

i admire your policy , as the community grows it will be violations so we neeed to make rules and sanctions , not all the users are civilised , we need to establish a system that is very powerful and immune to all kinds of deserts , i think with creating bots as police petroles no one can complain or argue with a bot (it should be intelligent though) plus as some powerful steemians take the part of flaging post maybe its kinda irritating , to use steem power to flag instead of voting and encouraging , i m not judging any body but we are humans sometimes our feelings take over and then shit happends (god forbids)
its only an idea , from a minnow , a visionary minnow @racemlaadhar

@Aggroed... Wish I could be up there for this meeting...

Thanks 4 Sharing and doing all the work You & the Team at P.A.L. are doing & creating !!

Cheers !!

Very nice

Nice. I live some min away from the location but sadly i would be working. Good Job Anyways

what a great idea and meet up. I hope they have one in singapore soon. :)

It doesn't have to be very expensive. Just find a cheap place in the city and host one yourself!

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Thanks a lot!

Lovely... How I wish I'm in Boston

Such an interesting post! Thank you!

well nice idea ! ill like to go
but i cant let my burmese anaconda and my canary bird alone
far to dangerous sorry, maybe next time


Wow..this is how community grows meeting some people on steemit is one of the best on this community...keep it up guy's...have fun and enjoy life on steemit...👍👍👍

Very interesting information
Could i join it
But i am from indonesia.

It's a nice initiative

have fun And strengthen steemit.
good continuation

Oh nice, I'm going have to go to these events one day!

I hope this will be a raging success! Have fun guys!

Thanks Boss!!!

provided that I am in the region I will most definetly be driving up from RI for this!! I'd be super interested in actually meeting people from steemit irl and I see someone playing MTG in the pic you posted so im pretty much doubly there!!!

edit- also love what you guys are doing with @minnowsupport project!! thanks a bunch!

sounds awesome. Please just shoot me any amount of steem or sbd with a memo with boston in it

such a wonderful idea aggroed, i will stick to the trend and update to know what the outcome would look like. i want to copy you in bringing together the steemit community within my reach.looking to achieve that feat God's willing.thanks you so much because i think this is giving back to the community(steemit) hope will take a leave from you.lets steem togther!

wow... this is great

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Interesting indeed : )

gosh! this is great nice to meey ya'll steemers :)

Sounds like a great time.
I am going to begin putting together a meet up myself.
Thanks @aggroed

thats party doesn't look cool at all, first of all i know us arm chair warriors got to get out the house and make friends, meeting a few hot chicks won't hurt either. but yeah book a dj. and i'm there....

look bro i got into the bitcoin business so can buy a condo over looking philly bro, number two, number one is the new farrari i picked out. not to be jammed in a room with guys who afraid of hot chicks, why is my motivation today surrounded around hot chick, oh please god let me meet a women who loves to invest

Really awsome place. I wish to join .

Aw, I am actually reasonably close enough that I could travel to this, but unfortunately I will almost certainly be working those hours on August 1st. Look forward to more events in the future though (that I can come to hopefully)!

great stuff ! upvoted and loving everything

good work,
Unfortunately I am not in one of your squads
I follow you all
thanks for sharing
Invite me if there is such an event again

Hello, i'm @mukhtar.juned from Aceh Indonesia, i'm steemit lover, support and give me your advice please, thanks

this is good news