Meetup #9 - Penang's Steemit Sharing Session | Yumcha Session | BHB Lunch

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Penang 100degrees Steemit Sharing Session

Continue from my previous post, the event was held at MSOGO in Prangin Mall which is a 60,000 square feet of 3 level co-working space that I got lost a few times 😂, and was greeted by our organizer, @currykhoo and @patriciawpy of the night before the event started.

Light refreshment was served to people who sign up for the session, and soon after our arrival, people started to flock into MSOGO. I've talked to few Penang Steemians that I use to chat with them through Discord, and finally meet them here such as @killuminatic, @izyan, @jieh, @tadstrange and @legendchew.

People registering at the front reception

Mingling before the event started, light refreshment as well

Look what I had from @killuminatic 😬, phone pay in SBD by @elizacheng

Venue of the Hall

We have about 30-40 people joining for this session and the session started as soon as most of the participants had arrived. We have our speaker @bitrocker2020 rocking the stage sharing some keynotes of Steemit such as,

  • Introduction to Steemit
  • Fundamental Function of Steemit
  • Statistic of Team Malaysia User and Post Payout
  • Tags and Keyword Usage
  • Where does the Money come from (Can't miss that one out 😉)
  • Team Malaysia Growth and Pass Events
  • Question and Answer Session

@bitrocker2020 presenting

Everyone is listening

After the session, a token of appreciation was given to our speaker of the night, @bitrocker2020 by the organiser, @currykhoo and a group photo is always compulsory for such event as a memory and content 😬. People mingle around together after the group photo, talking about Steemit, asking the ​question for our speaker @bitrocker2020 and of course @davidke20 and I helped out answering some of the questions​ too.

Big Smile 😬

Mingle Session with @bitrocker2020

Mingle Session with @davidke20

It's nice to meet the other Steemians as well - @iipoh, @vamos-amigo, @rosmadirazali, @kkdxstylo, @limeujin (Sorry if I've missed out you)

Short Video Clip of the Event

Yumcha Session

After every Steemit Session, there is always yumcha session follow up and Penang which is famous for it's food is one of the thing that we can't miss out. @currykhoo and @patriciawpy brought us out to have some famous Wonton Noodles (云吞面) along Chulia Street.

Me, @patriciawpy, @currykhoo and @bitrocker2020

Penang Wonton Noodles

After the late dinner, we walk towards a somewhat unique bar named "Pokok" (Tree) which previously was a car park land then renovated and build up with some cargo container and formed a place for hanging​ out by local Penangites and tourist.

It's pretty full considering​ it is a Tuesday Night and not even weekend, the environment is dimly​ filled up with some vibrant LED lights and low lighting making it a nice hangout place after work for some drinks.

Open Area Bar, Pokok

Bar Area

Live Music

On top the container, that's like the VIP room oversee the bar from top

Our drinks, Cheers!

Another wefie shot by master @bitrocker2020

Thanks @currykhoo and @patriciawpy for the awesome night, looking forward in meeting you on the next round of Penang trip by @davidke20.

Pokok Bar Short Clip

Going Back KL

Good morning Steemians! We had our breakfast at Lee Huat Cafe (thanks to Google) which is a hawker gathered place to serve amazing foods to the locals. I've ordered myself an Oyster Porridge with Meat which cost only RM4.50 (0.36 STEEM) as I'm not a heavy breakfast guy.

Lots of Hawker Stall and People

My Breakfast, Oyster Porridge with Meat served

After the breakfast, is time to hit the road down south heading back to KL in about 3 hours 45 minutes that covers a distance of 350km as we have a lunch meet up with @firepower, @shenoy, @sjennon and @varunpinto at Big Hug Burger Setapak before their flight out of Malaysia later night.

Stop for Toilet and Smoke break on one of the rest station along the way

Big Hug Burger Lunch

My Lunch, the Dancing Cow

We arrived Big Hug Burger around 1.30PM to meet up with the owner, @danielwong while waiting @firepower and his gang to arrived. Once we all arrived, is time to order some STEEM burger which is the first time for them.

It's a happy afternoon lunch and everybody just loves the STEEM burger, @firepower even ordered himself another extra burger 😂. After the lunch, we all having some mingle session while @varunpinto and @shenoy are busy photoshoot, video and interviewing with @danielwong on his Big Hug Burger pay with STEEM which then joined by @happycrazycon and their son (shy shy ☺️)

@firepower taking pictures with @joannewong before eating

While the rest is digging in their burgers 🍔

Interviewing on @danielwong in progress by @shenoy and @varunpinto

After the interview is another video shoot for @shenoy's famous comedy series together with @firepower and @danielwong

Special thanks to @sjennon for those Steemit Sticker from Steem Fest and now the guys can Steem Bathing with it 😂

Time passes fast in Malaysia, and we all have to get out from Setapak before the traffic jam comes during the peak hours. Have a safe flight back @firepower, @shenoy, @sjennon and @varunpinto and I'll see you all back this coming September.

Hello, I'm Aaron Leang from Team Malaysia

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Uncle Uhmm... Aaron Gor Gor... I want Big Hug Burgers too! Yummy Yummy...


Ask mummy @elizacheng bring you come Big Hug Burger 😉 nomnom


Every week ask me when go Big Hug Burger... 😅

Very good information about meetup in Penang. But,big burger is very delicious i think.i must try if i go there. Regards from Aceh


Yes, it's super delicious. Try it if you have the chance to come by KL, Malaysia. 😆


Big Hug Burger... Must try if you do visit Malaysia!


I will try that food..

Steem bathing after a fulfilling burger meal :P haha
Miss Penang already...


Plan next trip up Penang 😬



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It was nice to see you too!


Pleasure is mine @tadstrange 😆

Wow! Looks like a very successful trip - didn't know so fast you can go Penang and back already!!! Super packed schedule, yaaa... Missed the Big Hug burger again... One day....soon... lol


2D1N only haha.. Haha next time you free we go BHB nomnomnom

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thanks for being our ride bro ! NEXT ROUND ! 20th March 2018 !!!!


No problem 👍🏻 Penang Mali 2

Good to see my fellow university classmate @aaronleang again too! 😁


Good to see you too 😊

Great write up and report as usual.... I was talking to @karinzdailygrind and told her that she started the ball rolling with the meet up in Penang during CNY. We convinced @jieh & @tadstrange to attend. I believe they did asked their friends to join too. Northern region is growing and hope it will be self sustaining in a few months time... good job to you all


I did ask my friends to come but they weren't convinced. 😞


Don't worry... important thing is that you already met up with a few people during the event. :)

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Nice to meet you too @aaronleang! Thanks for coming all the way for the sharing session. Appreciate it.


No problem @legendchew, great to be there too 😆

I bet it requires a lot of dedications and time to introduce steemit to fellow potential users. And all the food you guys had definitely do the justice after the hard work! Keep it up!! :D


Haha that's true, food is always one of the best reward after all success 😂