Meetup #14 - Saturday Foodie Tour

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After the MyJuniors event has finished, it is time for our Saturday Foodie Tour to begin with @zord189 picking up @nomadicsoul and @howtostartablog who came all the way from another State (Malacca) at downtown KL whereas @joannewong, @macchiata and I head over to meet up​ with them at our first food stop, and some other Steemians ( @elizacheng, @karinzdailygrind and @orangila ) joined us as well.

The main purpose of this Foodie Tour is to bring​ our guest from overseas, @macchiata and @nomadicsoul to try out some of our local food around Malaysia. All these events are possible to happen​ is all thanks to Steemit which connect us together online and offline!

First Stop (Appetizer/Starter) - SS2 Durian

D24 Durian

Durian, King of Fruits is always one of Malaysian's favourite which we think it represents​ one of the must-try​​ local food in Malaysia if it's either your first time visiting here in Malaysia or even South East Asia!

Due to our usual durian spot wasn't open for business that day, we have to quickly look for a ​replacement for the first stop and we ended up at SS2 Durian.

SS2 Durian Stall

Everyone was very happy meeting and greeting each other even though​ some of us is a bit tired from MyJuniors event but that didn't stop us from​ talking​, laughing, eat Durians and taking photos. It's ​somewhat ​awesome after party for MyJuniors for @elizacheng as well.

@macchiata & @karinzdailygrind both tried out this D24 Durian cendol

@karinzdailygrind need to excuse herself for her "Private" dinner event and wasn't able to join us for dinner but it does take​ her quite a long time to excuse herself as she has a non-stop​ talking between @nomadicsoul 😂.

A group picture by @orangila before we are off to dinner

Second Stop (Main Course) - Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh, SS14

Arrived early 😉 for dinner

Bak Ku Teh which is a mixing​ ingredient​ of pork rib​, meats, bean curds, enoki mushroom and tofu cooked in a mixed herb broth and it's​ served in a clay pot​ is another famous must try out local food during your visit in Malaysia.

Sunshine beaming out from the cloud forming some nice scenery​. Photo by @joannewong

While on the way to SS14, we came across some nice sunray shining down to mother earth which makes​ it a must take scene for content 😬. Arrived early at Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh around 6.30PM, I special arrange an outdoor seat to cater our guest as it has a windy breeze ongoing.

Sending up the ​order to kitchen shortly after our guest arrives​, food was served up within 15 minutes as the​ kitchen wasn't​ as busy as they should be. Before eating, a chopstick lesson was given by @zord189 for our international guest, to be followed by photo session by @orangila and food into your mouth.

Bak Kut Teh is served along with the other vegetable

Chopstick lesson by @zord189

Black & White group wefie by @orangila before we start eating

Ending our dinner with a super full stomach, @orangila had to excuse himself as he has​ another event by #teammalaysiababes to attend, and @elizacheng needs to excuse herself as well to bring @halleyleow, @ryennieleow and @vinnieleow back home to call it a day.

Final Stop (Desserts) - Nasi Lemak Bumbung, Seapark

Mamak behind a back lane alley, source

You might think desserts should be ice-cream, cakes or something sweet which it isn't for that night. As a special request from @macchiata that she wanted to try out Malaysian "tea-tarik", we killed two bird with​ one stone by​ fulfilling​ @macchiata tea tarik request ​and letting her try out Nasi Lemak too by visiting one of the famous mamak in Seapark by a small back alley.

Famous Nasi Lemak Bumbung, source

Wefie again for the night

We chill and chat the whole night while @macchiata fulfilled​ her craving after our Durian and Bak Kut Teh combo 😂, but tiredness started to undertake​ in each of us and we had to end our meetup even though​ is just 11 PM​ and call it a day.

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Haha, my chopstick lesson is a failed one. need to ask @howtostartablog. :D

I also dunno. Ask @nomadicsoul.

Patiently waiting for @nomadicsoul's reply here 👉🏻👈🏻

😂😂 seriously you make me laugh @howtostartablog

Howtochopstick 😀

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I'm just thinking, will people get sick of seeing our meetup so often? LOL

😆 not sure, but my Meetup series sure fly pass very fast compare to my other series

Hahaha they might be jealous, that's all

Wah! Durian, BKT then still can eat nasi lemak and teh tarik... How many stomach you all have? LOL... @macchiata how's the teh tarik? @nomadicsoul you tried the nasi lemak? That's a famous nasi lemak place!

Right now I have two! Haha weird timing! I JUST wrote to @aaronleang that I want nasi lemak right now!!! There's a nasi lemak place across the street from me but it's closed right now 😢

Aw... Feel you... I think I haven't have nasi lemak for quite some time now... Too many bah kut teh recently... Maybe I should get myself some nasi lemak tomorrow... Now is not a good time... I think I am getting heavier than ever... LOL

Don't forget roti canai..

Oh ya! My girls love roti tisu!

Oh yum. Ugh why am I hungry so late?

Because it's not too late haha

It's almost midnight... I have left uni quite some time ago... Those days was... The Night Is Still Young...

Late? It's still damm early now 😆

Hahaha we can get heavy together because I'd love some Nasi Lemak right now!

I would love to have this version... Both of us enjoy all the food and @aaronleang is the one getting heavier... 😂

You mean getting no weight gain 😉, I'm a blackhole


😬 tak boleh delegate out weight.. Eat and join our FBG session

Always room for dessert 😂, tea tarik and nasi lemak was our dessert apparently​

Seeing the durian cendol... Makes me wanna try it... 😅

Haha there's always next time 😬

I love this write up! You captured it so orderly! I'm so happy because a long time from now, I'll be able to look back and remember all of the local food from Malaysia and all of the fun we had.

I'll also remember 52.873 different types of Durian! I like it more now than I used to, even though it's also still confusing to me haha.

Don't forget @howtostartablog also gives good chopstick lessons, hehe.

I really want to eat some Nasi Lemak right now!!!

Thanks you guys so so much for showing us everything!! It was the best time!

I love steemit for forever for connecting us!

Also, you got a really good picture of all of the tables at the last page! I'm glad you got that because I really liked that place.

Haha eat moarrrr Durian then you eventually love it. We should try out the durian in our usual spot much more nicer comparing this, this only gets a 2/5 star from me 😂

Nasi lemak this timing like harder to find, 😓

Oh, that image I sourced it as I forget to took it as well 😅 maybe next time we should go back.

Yes, Steemit is a very good connecting platform that I ever use it 😆, it helps me connect​ even more people than some book does!

Haha also, @karinzdailygrind 's private dinner was a big deal! Lol

Hey, @aaronleang, nice article, good to see familiar faces la!
Once @chuazm took me there for some durian, well he had some, I was watching :)

So cool to see you guys gathering and having fun together :)


Thanks @elvira.galina 😆 you should join us next round or so,

you don't like the smell of Durian eh? 🙈