Meet Mrs. Haiti International Who Is on A Crusade to End the Stigma of HIV — Marteng

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, MAY 08, 2021 - A daughter who helped her mother raise six siblings. A daughter who was blessed with a caring and a nursing heart when she also had to help her mother with her breast cancer journey. A loving wife with a husband supportive of her endeavors, a mother to her son who is currently a sophomore in college majoring in computer engineer. A woman with a passion to educate everyone from her country and everywhere else about the disease process and the treatment plan that is available to anyone who is currently living with HIV. She is a professional nurse who has worked with thousands of critical patients, including Covid-19 patients in one of the epicenters in the United States. The question remains, who is this crusader who has left no stone unturned for the progress of her country?

Say Hello to Marteng. The woman with a goal and a vision to educate others about disease process and who is equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Florida Memorial University, Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing from University of Central Florida and Master degree of science in Nursing with specialization as an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner from Florida International University. Marteng has been gathering experience for over a decade now in nursing and cared for the critically ill obstetric and gynecologic patients. She also was one of the six trainees at Florida International University from the Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) Traineeship Program where she works directly with HIV/AIDS Patients in the underserved communities. While working there, she saw the need to educate the patients about HIV because some of the patients did not want to come in for their treatment because of the stigma of HIV. She took that opportunity to educate them and letting them know that HIV is not a death sentence.

My motto” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” because I truly believe that with education, we can end the stigma of HIV and we can end the health disparities. I want to invite people to move forward with me and my platform to End the Stigma for HIV/AIDS. I would like to continue being an advocate to my community about HIV.
I would like to continue educating the community about HIV/AIDS, help them get access to the medications that they need and lastly help them restore their self esteem by sharing with them that HIV is not a death sentence, people are living a longer and healthy life. “Say Marteng”

Marteng is the Mrs. Haiti International 2021. She has been a nurse for over a decade and worked with HIV patients. She plans to use her knowledge and experiences to educate others about HIV and to help end the stigma.

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