Meet-up with Core Leaders. Steemph - Cebu publishes its Future Plans for Cebu Community.

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Hooray Cebu!


After a successful introductory post of the account @steemph.cebu to the Steemit community, it has received an overwhelming support from its supporters and whales who have been supporting the Filipino Community. With the same goals, the Core Leaders of steemph.cebu were gathered to discuss the communal account's future plans for Cebu community. The said meeting was held at BIG ONE HOTEL Park Mall Dr, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Date : October 1, 2017 | Time : 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

It started with a prayer, then followed by a quick introduction of one's self to get to know each other. Then the team immediately tackled the objectives and future plans of this for a better Steemit Cebu community.

SteemPH Cebu.png

Steemph.cebu's Future Plans

Everyone has contributed and imparted their ideas and visions. Led by these individuals, Steemph.cebu will do everything at its maximum extent to help and support the entire Cebu community. These are @steemph.cebu's future plans :

1. Weekly feature of Cebu user's post

Steemph.cebu selects and features Cebu/Bohol/Leyte/Samar/Negros user posts every week. Which means, this communal account publishes a post featuring the best blogs on different genres every week. The are the genres to be featured :

  • Technology / Electronics / Science / Engineering
  • Photography / Travel
  • Poetry / Songs
  • Arts / Talents
  • Life / Inspirational / Motivational blogs
  • Homesteading
  • Cryptocurrencies / Bitcoin
  • Steemit Promotions / Campaigns

2. Steem Building

An initiative gathering interested Steemians to participate in community programs such as 'run for a cause', 'fun run', 'team building activities, or any community events in Cebu powered by Steemit.

3. Charity Events

Steemph.cebu is committed not only to promote Steemit in the community but also conduct community deeds thru charity events to help the less fortunate people in the entire City. Through the post earnings and donations, steemph.cebu extends its efforts in helping those people who are in need.

4. Integrating with Cebu Non-profit Organizations

This is a way of introducing the Steemit platform to a large number of people. One definite example is Cebu Language Exchange Community, it's a cultural and and language exchange community which organizes meet-ups in Cebu, letting people from different nationalities communicate with locals and vice versa.

5. Conduct Challenges and Contests

To boost and hype more the community, Steemph.cebu conducts challenges and contests to create a more productive Cebu community. Some of the challenge/contest will be national (the whole Philippines can participate) and some are local (Cebu and its neighboring cities) can join the event. Winners will receive prizes provided by Steemph.cebu or funded by generous individuals. More funding, more prizes!

6. Conducting Steemit Cebu Conventions / Large Meet-ups

We've noticed Cebu has been one of the hottest sub-communities in the Philippines because of the influential campaign by some Steemit users. We plan to adopt this style to hook more individuals to join the platform.

Behold, Cebu community!

Be sure to follow us, and check updates from @steemph.cebu. Lots of programs are to be implemented for a better Cebu Steemit community. Support us by giving upvotes on every post of Steemph.cebu so we can give more back to the community. This account is for Cebu and is never owned by anybody.

Our Enthusiastic Mentors

With the support of our enthusiastic mentors : @donkeypong, @surpassinggoogle, @hanshotfirst, @jrcornel, and @acidyo, things are going better for Philippines' future. We are very fortunate to have @sndbox support. As a brief description, Sndbox is an incubator project dedicated towards bringing STEEM to the professional practice of creatives and entrepreneurs in New York City and beyond. It extends its efforts in supporting communities all over the world.

Thank you everyone!

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Very excited for all of these incredible developments and plans!

Me too, so excited with these advocate leaders to give their full support and give hype to its members in order to be more active and creative in their own way.

thank you @sndbox for the full support of @steemph.cebu , i am excited for our future plans and would love to take this initiative in action :)

Thanks for your support @sndbox. We have just started there are still more to come! Thanks to the supporters of the community.

Wow as I expected to the success of your meeting. It turns out so well and have an incredible plans for the betterment of all steemians who join this platform I'm sure they gonna love this as they read all of its contents. So much love to all people who always think for the better of others nor for themselves only. <3

super love it jud! proud bisaya oi!!! let's do this action!!!

This is awesome! Congrats!! :)

I'm deeply overwhelmed, thankful , hyped of what Steemph.cebu can offer to Cebuanos. You have my full support !

Loving you endlessly, (Lol)


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